Guns, ACAB 

I just *cannot* with this. Why do we even have police, when they do shit like this? What is the point?

US politics, abortion discourse 

These two paragraphs are such a perfect distillation of the kind of toxic bad-faith "argument" Republicans engage in on *every issue*. It's so tiresome.

I've been using and in my side project, but getting annoyed by build times. Profiled, and it turns out TS was eating up ~70% of the time.

Switched my .ts files to .js and now the project builds in 1.3s. And I don't even feel like I lost anything, because I can still put type annotations in jsdoc comments and get type-aware auto-complete in !

Dentist: "Do you floss daily?"
Me: "Do you backup your data daily?"

Since Mastodon is the elephant app, that makes all other social networks irrelephant.

The curse of being a busy human with adult responsibilities is having to do a system update literally every single time I turn on the PS4 😭

I've become a huge dork for and I need you to understand how fucking funny this is 😂

I just want to feel hope again, y'know?

I'm trying so hard to just take care of myself and those around me, but when every person with an iota of power seems hell-bent on grinding us little people to dust, it's hard to feel optimistic about the future.

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Today discovered Unicode has a symbol, the "Epiglottal plosive" or IPA glyph 173, which in sans serif fonts turns out to look exactly like the "female" symbol modified into a question mark.


...Is this a Gender
I think it might be a Gender

Trying to do practice this morning, and can't get through a single song without getting interrupted by some noisy nonsense or another.

Some days, you just have to give up. 😒

I took the week off from work because I really needed a break.

So far the "break" has consisted of doing a million chores that have been desperately overdue because I didn't have time to do them while working.

I'm going to need a break to recover from my break. 🙃

This letter from Apple employees to their leadership counters all the points which Cook et al are using to insist on moving back to the office so well.

All art is valid, and you're allowed to do whatever helps you make the art you want to make;

:artpaw: Turn the paper around because you can only draw good lines in one direction? It's fine!

:artpaw: Draw in pencil first in multiple iterations? Do it!

:artpaw: Use a million reference images? Yesferatu!

:artpaw: Trace the things you're having trouble drawing? Totes McGoats :D

The things that enable you to create are not 'cheating' - they're tools.

#WormsOfAffirmation 🐛

@artistsandhackers hearing Chris Klimas talk about trying to not take feedback on #Twine personally, and limiting their window to the community around their software for the sake of their own mental health, was super meaningful. I know other developer friends who struggle with the same thing: appreciating feedback throughout development but getting into a depressive state given the constant demand for improvement, as if any success hadn't been made in the time between. Even while forming this window creates a barrier in his ability to fully know what the community is like, the reality is that even if he were tuned into all these channels, there would still be parts of the community he wouldn't know about.

How in the world am I actually hitting this error? This makes no sense?!?

Played "spot the mask" in and it actually took *time* to find one. You would think never even happened here.

One million deaths. 😭

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First time back to the airport since the travel mask mandate ended. Feels about 50/50 masked/unmasked at .

As someone who's trying *really hard* not to catch : I do not love it. 😷

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