MH, burnout 

MH, burnout 

MH, burnout 

MH, burnout 

I decide to try this new (to me) flavor of chips and I honestly cannot figure out what the flavor actually is

I am waiting for an important phone call and therefore time has slowed to a crawl 😬

Mental health 

are you ever busy making one game
and then you siddenly have an idea for a different game
and now you just have to sit on that idea for like three years

my favorite part of being a web developer in a game company is everyone acting like theyre too smart for javascript, then proceeding to write an 8000-line singleton named UIControllerManagerHelper

"The John Lewis Partnership [founded 1864] is the largest employee-owned business in the UK with gross sales of over £11.7bn [>US$15bn] and a workforce of 81,500 Partners."
Just wanted to put this out there, in case anyone thought a co-op didn't scale beyond 8-10 people. We can democratise large corporations & enjoy the synergy of a board/executives who do what is best for the long term goals of the company & all employee-owners.

So far I'm liking Linux just fine except the weird thing where there are like a dozen different ways of packaging and distributing applications and they all have different requirements to be installed and executed and go into totally different locations on the drive. 🤔

My Linux laptop is supposed to arrive tomorrow and I've been having dreams about it for days and that's weird, right?

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