As if this wasn't already bad enough, a small child cannonballed himself directly onto my broken foot last night and I'm pretty sure he erased over a month of healing in an instant.

Whose dog did I kick, I mean seriously. Life is just one gut punch after another lately.

I am so tired. So, so tired.

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I've been working through some hairy UX bugs this week and it's been a frustrating slog. Today I decided, fuck this messy code, I'm restructuring this into something sane.

Having done that, suddenly this debugging is going so much more smoothly! (Shocking, I know.)

I just want to sit at my desk for more than five minutes without somebody needing something from me. Why is that so much to ask? :(

Having a broken foot is really starting to grate on me, especially since my life has decided I need to be on my feet constantly for seven hundred thousand random tasks that I swear didn't need to happen *until* I got hurt.

There are THREE hamburger menus on this site! What is happening?!

When you get right down to it, the pandemic experience is kind of an inverse monomyth in which we are called to stay the fuck home, avoid crossing thresholds, remain in entirely non-magical circumstances, are isolated from lovers, don't really grow or change, and are, at last, eager to return to normal life

Oh wow, I found some old pre-release footage of a story mode feature that we ended up cutting from Legacy of the Elder Star approximately one thousand years ago. I wish we'd had enough funding/runway to have fleshed out *this* version of the game!

Listening to the soundtrack and it's making me want to go back and play more of that even though I haven't finished which is *also* amazing.

I love Monster Hunter so much. 😍

Don't have a meme channel on your discord. Don't have a rage thread on your subreddit.

You think it'll quarantine that nonsense. It will not. You just baked it in to the culture.

Would it be super annoying to refer to my boss's boss as my hypervisor

I'm also not sure I've actually found the right community yet. I don't really mean the right *instance* (though that may be part of it) but it still kinda feels like we're all shouting past each other into the void.

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Network effects can be so frustrating. There's so much conceptually that I love about Mastodon and the fediverse but it feels like there's so little activity here compared to Twitter, and everyone I know is on Twitter and doesn't understand Mastodon at all. 😥

I love making games but my day job these days is so demanding I just don't have any of that particular energy left by the end of the day. For my whole career I've tried to moonlight with indie stuff and I've finally reached a point where I just... can't. I *need* to switch into a totally different headspace outside of work. And frankly, I need less technology in my life, full stop.

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I haven't written new music since doing the soundtrack for FIVE YEARS AGO (what) and I have been *missing* it. I don't think I realized how much; I just got swept up in events and have been in a purely reactive mode for a long time, and more severely since 2020 kicked off.

But I ordered a new controller today and got my audio interface hooked back up and Reason updated again and I am *really* looking forward to getting back into this.

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Man, I haven't been here in nearly a year. Pandemic problems + struggling with a new job + new city with virtually no community all added up to a breaking point. I'm only just now starting (sloooowly) to feel like a functional human again, and it turns out, some things need to change.

So Mastodon is now part of Github's Archive Program and its source code will be kept for 1000+ years in Arctic Cold Vault.

Congrats, @Gargron !

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