In the last three weeks, I have:

- Been to the emergency room twice

- Driven over 3,000 miles for, essentially, errands

- Had servers get flooded out at work

I am very, very tired, and I have had quite enough of life's bullshit.

Every time there’s some news from the Unity world, I’m glad I’m not depending on it anymore. They’re clearly doubling down on all the things I don’t like in the game industry, mobile, F2P, ads, tracking, repeat monetisation. Ew

I kind of stopped trust Unity when they went public. Never trust public companies, they goal isn't to make stuff, but to "create value for shareholders" here and now.

What do you call it when you don't want to work for all the ad tech companies, so you join an up-and-coming idealistic game engine company instead to try to make a difference for game devs, only to find they end up becoming one of the most dirty ad tech companies of them all?

Just a couple of years after a bunch of arbitrary code execution exploits were discovered in original DOOM someone finally figured out how to run DOOM *in* DOOM. 😄

US politics 

There are two things you need to realize about the end of Roe.

One, this isn't an isolated event. At one end it's the culmination of 50 years of intense nonstop organizing, what everything the Right has done for decades was leading to. At the other, it's just the beginning. The decriminalization of homosexuality in Lawrence flows from the privacy right in Roe; gay marriage rests on Lawrence. Those are now at risk & the right has stated intent to come for them.

One of the most galling things about is how it renders me unable to support all the people in my life who need supporting, because there isn't enough time, energy, or attention to go around, and there are so many people who need supporting, because capitalism has failed them

If you think of free software as a developers' rights issue, it's a solved problem. Developers can use free stacks everywhere, and they are free to fix anything. Nobody is legally restricted from learning to be a developer. There's a pretty good live ecosystem. Mission accomplished.

If you think of free software as a human rights issue, you need to think about how all people can actually use and benefit, and usability and accessibility and localisation all become integral parts of the problem.

Guns, ACAB 

I'm sorry, the cops waited around for SEVENTY EIGHT MINUTES?!

Fire every last one of them, disband that police department, liquidate its assets, and disburse every penny to the parents who lost children in this shooting. I've never heard of a more severe, galling, and unconscionable dereliction of duty in my entire life. The institution is worse than useless, and should no longer exist.

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Guns, ACAB 

I just *cannot* with this. Why do we even have police, when they do shit like this? What is the point?

US politics, abortion discourse 

These two paragraphs are such a perfect distillation of the kind of toxic bad-faith "argument" Republicans engage in on *every issue*. It's so tiresome.

I've been using and in my side project, but getting annoyed by build times. Profiled, and it turns out TS was eating up ~70% of the time.

Switched my .ts files to .js and now the project builds in 1.3s. And I don't even feel like I lost anything, because I can still put type annotations in jsdoc comments and get type-aware auto-complete in !

Dentist: "Do you floss daily?"
Me: "Do you backup your data daily?"

Since Mastodon is the elephant app, that makes all other social networks irrelephant.

The curse of being a busy human with adult responsibilities is having to do a system update literally every single time I turn on the PS4 😭

I've become a huge dork for and I need you to understand how fucking funny this is 😂

I just want to feel hope again, y'know?

I'm trying so hard to just take care of myself and those around me, but when every person with an iota of power seems hell-bent on grinding us little people to dust, it's hard to feel optimistic about the future.

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