gcc 8 with -fsanitize=address|thread is my go-to problem solver these days. I should really take the time to enable this on our CI builds :)

This is, quite simply, unacceptable; it's inhumane. If a person in a leadership role will not consider their own health & company policies on healthy workplaces, you have to relieve them (enforced vacation) & disable their logins so they can't sneak work in. eventhubs.com/news/2019/mar/03

I've been writing about baremetal programming with the Raspberry Pi boards here: leiradel.github.io/

Tried VS Code again today for C++ It's still rubbish. Debugger reports wrong sizes for std containers (debug build). Banners blocking the editor with complaints about some simple valid syntax.

🎮 Book update: it has been a long time, but Chapter 8 is now available:


This chapter, we break out the sample code into multiple files, creating something more like a "real" project. Next chapter, we'll focus on drawing sprites.

The 35th Chaos Communication Congress is in session. Streams are at streaming.media.ccc.de/35c3/ -- They've got something for everyone, check it out.

🎮 Book update: Chapter 4 is up now! An intro to the nitty-gritty of the NES' hardware, especially the PPU and color palettes. With any luck, Chapter 5 will be up by the end of the day (beginnings of 6502 assembly!), it's more than half done now.


Quite a few @cppcon videos are up on YT. Do you have any recommendations ? What i've seen so far has been underwhelming.

Applying the "visitor pattern" to any random problem - just because you read about it - is probably not a good idea. But it might still be a good exercise.

The Design Patterns book has been bashed a lot, often ignoring that it establishes a common vocabulary - greatly reducing communication overhead.

E.g Unity's serialization system can be described as: "the visitor pattern".

Oh well - now it's grinding slow: Java is around 300% CPU constantly - and configuring the debug target no longer possible - i wonder what caused this .. back to cmd-line and vim

I'm testing CLion for C++ development and debugging on Linux - it's actually almost decent. Now if i could only avoid cmake

Unity is becoming a game-engine engine with Burst/ECS. One is meta-level gained - democratising game engine development.

Everyone now write their own particle system, physics solvers etc. Many Franken-engines filled with Heisen-bugs will emerge.

I think good tools for debugging will be necessary.

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