The Eternal Cycle

Artist: can we toggle this setting on some specific lights?
Graphics programmer: that's not a setting, that's a physical phenomenon. Reality works like that.
A: But I want more control!
GP: Stop trying to break the light simulation!!
A: But I want more control!
GP: But that's how reality works!
A: But I want more control!
GP: But that's how reality wo

Yesterday I had a wonderful time at breakfast, talking shop with an old colleague I had lost contact with. And I realized it's a great way to start the day!

If anyone around Stockholm wants to meet up for breakfast and talk about life, the universe and games, hook me up! 🙂

Today I learned: improving on this year's state of the art for a highly researched topic is… you know, kinda hard.

A coworker just told me this. Next time someone tells you crunching is good, remember this kind of stuff

Hey, question for gamedev moms/dads: is any of you doing games for/with your kids?

It's something that I'd really love to do with our toddler when he grows up a bit, but I'm not entirely sure how to best do it!

@aras About the school you helped fund, I wanted to say something.

For several years I was surrounded with people with too much money for their own good (surgeons, neurosurgeons...), and they all spent all that money in fancier cars, homes, clothes... All things that would:
a) only benefit them
b) not actually be of much benefit, even to themselves

This thing you've done has the potential to:
a) affect thousands of people
b) _really_ change their lives for good

This is fantastic. Thank you

"Legends of the Ancient Web"

Another sobering talk from Maciej Ceglowski. He's shaping up to be a good candidate for "conscience of the tech industry."

@baldurk Hey Baldur, I'm trying Renderdoc on Linux (nightly build from yesterday) and seeing pretty bad UI scaling issues due to HiDPI settings. I can keep working even with the warped UI, but still...

Were you aware of this?

and well, 2 days later I've given up on rust+android. 🤷‍♂️

Not by any fault of rust, mind you, but because the android activity lifecycle model is just bonkers, and something I really don't want to be dealing with right now.

I'll continue rusting on desktop, then 🕺

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Looked through the window and thought "wow, that render pass has a horribly low sample count, it's noisy as hell!".

It was frosted glass 🤦

Decided to give rust another try, this time cross-compiling to Android. Got an OpenGL ES context up and running and a basic event loop.

We'll see how this goes!

The art the DICE guys produce is just amazing:
And they're such a nice bunch of people to work with!

One thing I really love about our team culture is mistakes are never personal. It's always "this CL had a mistake", instead of "this person did a mistake". CLs are reviewed by several people, so it's everyone's fault a mistake went through.

Our codebase has a big file named ModelRenderObjectRenderer (yeah, naming is hard...).

Someone started abreviating the name, and it has now become...
__Mr Or__
Our own personal supervillain

Hey, I just realized I could post here about a job opening we have in Stockholm. We're looking for a tech artist to do visual tech demos of Frostbite and to learn with us to then teach other artists how to best use the engine.

The last person we had in this role did this awesome scene we use every day, but we need more!

If you're interested or know someone that might be, please get in touch! 😊

Fifth day trying to fix a DX12, single pixel bug. Here we go!

Current state: realized any change to GPU memory allocations will make the pixel fail/succeed in random tests. We think all barriers are where they should be. Calling an exorcist.

This bug now has an official name: The Pixel of Doom

(and yes, it's still unsolved)

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