If you're into details, Alex wrote a long blog post explaining the work he did on improving crunch texture compression to be faster, smaller, and support ETC: blogs.unity3d.com/2017/12/15/c

Not only is the Unity-updated crunch compressor faster, the commit messages are an excellent learning material and a way to see the author's thought process. Definitely worth sifting through! github.com/Unity-Technologies/

@jonas TLDR: like Crunch, but 5x faster at compression, 10% smaller file sizes (at exact same quality), and also support for mobile (ETC1/ETC2). Also, Alex writes the most detailed commit messages ever; checkout github

My colleague Alex Suvorov made an update to the crunch texture compression library, making it several times faster, generating smaller textures, and adding support for compressing mobile ETC textures! blogs.unity3d.com/2017/11/15/u … (Source code with detailed information in the commit history is available on github)

Used to make some Mac shareware games a long time ago. Then started working at Unity in 2005, doing various things over the years, like building the Unity Web Player and later WebGL support. Still working at Unity, which means I like it here. Currently spending most of my time trying to make our code base more modular.

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