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@CapnRat Hey! Love making tools in Unity. Feel that it is harder then it should be to make more graphical ones, like graph based views. A richer toolbox of editor widgets (graph nodes, "connections" between nodes, etc - I just happen to love graph views) would be a boon to tool-builders. In my biased opinion, of course! Thanks for asking!

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Hmmm... Should probably post a few things I've done recently :v

Here's a non-uniform grid movement system for #gamedev purposes, but mostly to see if I could in Godot:

All movement can be done with a D-Pad, and its basically just moving from node-to-node, but nodes don't have to be grid aligned so you can make cool spiral stairs.

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Just released version 1.0 of JavaScript Database (JSDB).


npm i @small-tech/jsdb


const JSDB = require('@small-tech/jsdb')

const db ='db')

db.people = [ {name: 'Laura', age: 33}, {name: 'Aral', age: 43} ]

db.people.push({name: 'Osky', age: 8})

const youngest = db.people.where('age').isLessThan(10).getFirst().name

console.log(youngest) // Osky

Enjoy and please don’t use it to farm people for data.

#JSDB #SmallTech #SmallWeb

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"A Dream of Lights and Prisms"

It was around 2006/2007. I was playing with an early beta of the esoteric Interactive Fiction language Inform 7 - which defines simulated worlds in a hybrid object / rule-based / procedural language based on English - and also hanging out on C2 Wiki, where strange discussions about the limits of the OOP paradigm were happening. I was also hovering around the Semantic Web scene.

A half-seen vision tried to form itself in my mind.


Got the auto-translating chat "working" in game. I was thinking that each client would be responsible for the translating, but that would require everyone to have access to a translating service. I've centralized it on the server now, so "only" the host needs access to that service. Not sure how that is going to work "for real", but it is good enough for now. Good enough so i can move on to other things that i want to do more then this!

There only seem to be 2, *2*, pixel fonts that have more then the most basic set of glyphs. LanaPixel -- -- and PixelLocale --

Sadly, LanaPixel, which has far more glyphs (19k!), does not work well in Unity, with text mesh pro, or the old style text-mesh component.

Does anyone know of a pixel font that supports rich localization? And works in Unity?


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In case you didn't see it, I released a little demo of Gloam, the procedural spooky-cute village generator I've been working on, for all the people who've expressed interest in poking at it:

Happy October! (boosts welcome)

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OK, Garden gameplay is pretty much done, very non-stressful little sim game.

Needs instructions/visibility, maybe slow down some updates, but it's working!

Time for a little binary test.
Instructions inside, Mac OS X (and you need to use Terminal to launch it) only for this beta.

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Dear fellow Earthlings, you have two main options:

- A post-capitalist future.
- A post-human future.

Pick wisely.

Listening to some of the bleakest music -- NIN Ghosts: V and VI. I may have to stop actually, it is starting to fuck me up.

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How normal are you?

Find out with this beautifully-executed and scary online experience:

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Seems like I'm now writing something every month about my #TokiPona progress, so here it is:

Working on some multiplayer stuff again, for *fun* apparently, although i really question if any multiplayer code work is fun... So far the only upgrade i'm really making use of the Cinemachine... Even though this is a 2D project, i'm not sure i like the TileMap stuff in Unity... Will keep experimenting.

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Don’t ask me if I’ve watched The Social Dilemma if you haven’t read The Prodigal Tech Bro.

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