A downside to programming for fun, for me, is that i need at least an hour or two to “load” the project into my head, to be able to do real work. Less then that and I am not able to make any “real” progress. It isn’t an easy drop-in hobby. For me anyway!

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The final submission!

Technically, everything I wanted is there - long "instrumental" flights across the ocean and landings for refuel + very arcade flying mechanics.

I enjoyed working on this little thing and probably will keep it as a 3d-testbed for macroquad.

Good jam!


Also its Saturday, the hashtag day :)

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TFW you have both imposter syndrome *and* think everyone else is an idiot.

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finally playing around with @neauoire's uxn. I've had this idea for a platformer kicking around, it might be fun to see if I can wrap my head around writing it in a stack machine.

(clearly my sprite-clearing code isn't working quite as expected)

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Scott Duncan on Twitter: "I can't believe I am writing this.

Canada 🇨🇦 has obliterated its national all-time heat record *for the second day in a row*.

Before yesterday, greater than 45°C had never been recorded. As far as climatology is concerned, this is deeply shocking."

Lytton, Canada, observed 47.9°C or 118°F.

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Why do s always say "add to your wishlist on Steam" and never "add to your wishlist on itch.io"?

One reason: itch.io doesn't HAVE an "add to your wishlist" button. If you think it should, consider 👍 this issue:

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Official "in development" itch page is up for Starscan! If you're interested in playing it or just want to check it out, please do. :)


Take the helm as captain of the Deep Space Colony Vessel Starscan, exploring procedurally generated sector space to search for the remnants of ancient civilizations and find clues to understand the coming Great Filter. Can you find your way through the sector, manage your meager resources, protect your crew from surface and orbital hazards, and save humanity?

Humanity awaits your bold answer.


#Gaming #Gameing #RetroGaming #GameDev #IndieDev #Godot #GodotEngine

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Small Is Beautiful – live stream

Join us in one hour (5PM Irish time) to learn about:

- Small Web (a sneak peek at the tool we’re building that will enable anyone to get their own Small Web site in under a minute)

- Owncast (which we’ll be using for the first time to stream Small Is Beautiful) – please let us know how it is for you during the stream

We also have 5 Owncast t-shirts to give away thanks to @gabek



#SmallTech #SmallWeb #Owncast

First off, we all make mistakes.


Is there anything worse then having to fix somebody else's bad SVN commits?

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@jos that's a huge question! I take different strategies for different UI in different situations -- usually dependent on the function of the UI and the level and type of user interaction (for example, is this a HUD-like situation with minimal input, but high visibility? is this UI for menus? Are they in-game overlays or are they the sole focus of the scene like a title menu? Is it in immersive world space, like an action tip over something for interactions that a player has to walk up to? is it part of a mini-game or is it abstracted out of the immersive game world?

I have so many things that change my strategy for building UI.

The basic processes I have in most cases are that I build the mock-ups separate (usually from sketches and photoshop doodles), chop them up, put them in game (sometimes as ui, sometimes just png) and I start messing with animation (unity3d i use directors and trigger them with scripts in a state machine usually)

when I get something that I like that feels like it has the right visual language for the project, I just kinda slowly inch it toward completion.

Just wondering, for whatever your dev environment, how do you make your UI more then just ... blah? In unity, i can do decent _layout_ of fairly complicated panels and setups, but i do not have a good toolset, or library or whatever, for making really good, dynamic UI, with animation, tweens and *bling*... Interested to hear about approached or tools, or just thinking other folk bring to making UI. In whatever toolset.

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Life is a temporary experience. Behave accordingly.

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Itch.io is having backend issues right now with image processing and auth stuff, so if you're working on your game's itch page (like me!) you might be seeing some issues -- it is known by the team!


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There is a corpse in our backyard.

I am unsure if it is a crow corpse, another manner of bird, or some other poor woodland creature.

Was really "lazy" with our virtual file system, using plain-text serialization. This of course helps with debugging and being, well, easy. The big pay off now is simply running the stream through GZIP before outputting to disk. I'm getting a ~40x savings in file space - 160kb -> 4kb. And the change lives in 2 small methods. Love it. Note that this isn't real data yet, and i will probably loose some factor, but even an x4 would be worth it.

Really taken by Terry Cavanagh's [1] interest in Roblox, and his games and experiments there.

I'm so used to thinking in "unity3d", and kind of burned out on it, for personal/fun dev, that i need another outlet. Downloaded roblox studio, now have to start playing around in it.

[1]: mobile.twitter.com/terrycavana

A real challenge our studio has had is not being able to use learning from previous game projects, because we have jumped and changed genres with almost every project. Am hopeful that the learning put into this game will payoff in terms of player enjoyment!!!

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*Shameless Self Promotion*

Been working on this for... over a year now? Finally able to announce "Rollers of the Realm: Reunion". Our studio's second, and follow up, Pinball RPG. Now we just have to finish it! :)


Pretty excited about some of the new mechanics in this one, and just general cleanup from our first take on the genre.

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RT @brianwhelton@twitter.com

I'm not someone who has a faith, but if I did, I imagine this is what the entrance to hell would look like...

🐦🔗: twitter.com/brianwhelton/statu

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my friend who teaches kids, just schooled me on tentacles vs arms

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