Shameless Plug -- our game Triversal is doing a free Steam Playtest right now. If chill puzzle games are your bag, maybe check it out?

and if you are really keen, our discord server:


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This is an interesting build of a flip dot/disc display prototype that I've always wanted to try myself

This system may work as a single 5x8 "pixel" character display module that's typically found in 2 line LCD panels found everywhere


Rock paper scissors, but with cards and a we-go turn. Two players, each gets 9 cards, 3 of each "suit". Each turn each player picks a card from their hand and places it face down. Once both players have picked their cards, turn them over and score. Continue till both players are out of cards.

Does this actually add any interesting strategy to the game? I *think* so, but i'm not sure if it is *interesting*. Gonna try prototyping this up.

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Phew. I'm done. New album will release tomorrow! #music

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new loaf is baking, and I'm just going to stare at it until I can eat it.

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I'm fairly certain we'll be able to cut wax masters, make a rubber mold of those wax masters, and then cast 20 - 50 copies.

Short run records. we make as many as we can make, and then the next one is Different in some measurable way.

Each one is literally hand made. They're *artifacts* imbued with personality.

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hey all, here's a new computer thing I made! it's called the Nonsense Laboratory, and it's a series of weird little tools for manipulating the spelling and sound of words with machine learning:

it's part of a series of projects launched yesterday showing the outcomes of the Artists + Machine Intelligence grant program, which you can learn more about here:

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I forget if it felt like that, but I have felt my worldview has been profoundly changed by Mary Oliver's "Wild Geese," when I spent some time with it after an excerpt of it was circulating here. It was some healing that I needed. I copied it into my commonplace book where I keep healing things like that.

And this tiny little text post criticizing a common problem in psychiatry may not have been intended as a poem, but I felt it like one:

And even the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It may as well be a heartbreakingly utopian poem. It made me realize how much mercy was missing from a lot of sacred texts.

Blue Peter - Don’t walk past
Images in vogue - lust for love
Strange Advance - Worlds away
54-40 - Baby Ran
Platinum Blond - standing in the dark
Chalk circle - this mourning
Payolas - eyes of a stranger
Doug and the slugs - day by day
Spoons - Nova heart
Flock of seagulls - I ran
Smiths - how soon is now
Flesh for lulu - I go crazy
The dead milkmen - punk rock girl
The fixx - saved by zero
Tears for fears - pale shelter
Talking heads - burning down the house

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Prominently Ontario/Canadian 80’s bands music mix complete, went off the rail to finish with Burning Down the House, because Talking Heads.

@silverspookgames Shit, every time i play with my cats i get a new mark of the beast! :)

I don't know why i haven't made more use of Unity's `EditorApplication.update` callback. Just came in handy for a tool i've been working for ages, that was missing an easy way for instances to update themselves regardless of their state in the hierarchy. Nice.

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This article "In Praise of Messy Design" by is about the merits of game design that's not clean and minimalist, but may surprise and delight all the more.

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"Understanding is beyond GPT-3’s reach because understanding cannot occur in an isolated computation or behavior, no matter how clever. Understanding is not an act but a labor. Labor is entirely irrelevant to a computational model that has no history or trajectory in the world. GPT-3 endlessly simulates meaning anew from a pool of data untethered to its previous efforts."
good article

The delicate balance between too-general and too-specific when trying to make a proof-of-concept/demo product. There are all these gameplay features i want to get working, but each is hard, and could be made more easily implementable via generalization, but that itself is hard to get "right", and takes time away from _actually making the feature_, which is what the POC is about... I think i have ended up on the building infrastructure side. So difficult to know.

Checking out this amazing 3d modelling & texturing thing going on birdsite -- -- Use < 256 tris, and 256x256 texture.

Some really impressive work.

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My new piece is up, a article on a topic that's dear to my heart and which I don't think have had much previous coverage?

Designing for a Sense of Mystery and Wonder

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