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This article "In Praise of Messy Design" by is about the merits of game design that's not clean and minimalist, but may surprise and delight all the more.

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"Understanding is beyond GPT-3’s reach because understanding cannot occur in an isolated computation or behavior, no matter how clever. Understanding is not an act but a labor. Labor is entirely irrelevant to a computational model that has no history or trajectory in the world. GPT-3 endlessly simulates meaning anew from a pool of data untethered to its previous efforts."
good article

The delicate balance between too-general and too-specific when trying to make a proof-of-concept/demo product. There are all these gameplay features i want to get working, but each is hard, and could be made more easily implementable via generalization, but that itself is hard to get "right", and takes time away from _actually making the feature_, which is what the POC is about... I think i have ended up on the building infrastructure side. So difficult to know.

Checking out this amazing 3d modelling & texturing thing going on birdsite -- -- Use < 256 tris, and 256x256 texture.

Some really impressive work.

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My new piece is up, a article on a topic that's dear to my heart and which I don't think have had much previous coverage?

Designing for a Sense of Mystery and Wonder

Getting the proc-gen level generator working across hosts and clients by just sharing SEED values... priceless.

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@TQ I've been listening to it looped most of the afternoon and I like how emotional yet simultaneously ambient it feels. It has a kind of quiet cinematic quality that strikes a perfect balance for me.

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21st century cyber-political commentators:

Whoa we sure are all in unprecedented times what with the Internet and computational propaganda! Who could possibly make sense of this uncharted territory?

Historians of the Byzantine Empire (330-1453 CE) specialising particularly in the 6th century _Secret History_ of Prokopios of Caesarea:


Turns out, i'm a couple hours early! The demo should be up and available in a couple hours, sorry!

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Oh, in a bit of self-promotion, we have a demo of Triversal up on steam now. Check it out if you are into chill puzzle play. Or not, you do you. :)

Also, fwiw, i'm a plain text super-fan. Today i learned about twtxt [1], a micro-blogging tool, and klog [2], and time tracking tool. Both are plain text and cmd-line. Very excited.


Also quickly got feedback that I have to improve the vehicle and character controllers and *especially* the camera control, which I already knew was horrible. :)

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While this demo is just that, a demo, without having to worry about a lot of “real” issues, still so much better then most of development life of AA. Still think Unity has badly dropped the ball on networking, but super impressed with 3rd party stuff, Mirror, SmoothSync and Noble Connect.

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Did our first “in company demo” of that networked game/Proof Of Concept. 8 players connected for about 2 hours, no drops, all worked. I am again amazed. When we did AutoAge 3/4 years ago the networking was a nightmare.

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Kind of amazed. Got Unity3d, Mirror, Nobel Connect & SmoothSync all working in under ... 3 hours, to make a networked prototype.

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these days i will write a thick and impenetrable block of code with mysterious comments and just before it a long paragraph about why this whole thing edits

i still believe code should 'speak for itself' or whatever but also that there is a non negligible gap between what a computer is supposed to do and what we want to get done, and that is worth explaining and keeping around as the code evolves

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Got a really positive review on my #drawabox fundamentals homework (that's the boxy ink drawings I've been boring you with over the last two weeks). 😅

Just made some cream soda syrup for use with our new carbonation setup. I had no idea one uses lemon juice in cream soda! Turned out well for a first try. I did mess up the caramelization of the sugar, and I bet that would add even more flavour to it. Next time!

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