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Fractal landscape - Mandelbrot as a height map.

Made by importing a Mandelbrot image as a height map and rendered in Avoyd's voxel editor.

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New in Avoyd Voxel Editor & Game 0.11.0
- Minecraft nbt structure file import
- Max CPU thread setting
- Improved power saving
- Load templates with drag & drop: atmosphere, camera, materials
+ more :)
Info & download

Who sucks the air out of the room at agricultural shows? 

Ex-tractor fans

Tip: if you PC uses a lot of power (heats up, fans are loud) when you use Avoyd, try setting VSync on (menu Settings > Graphics)

If it heats up during rendering, download the v0.11.0 test on our Discord and reduce the number of CPU threads Avoyd can use in menu Settings > System > Multithreading, Max Logical Processors

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I have questions for any gamedev who has ever used Tiled about the ways to use it and the conventions expected from other tools

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Avoyd in-game screenshot (real-time GPU rendering) showing fixed fog inconsistencies between voxels & sky
- This world/atmosphere combo is generated procedurally when starting the skirmish game with seed 9A93FF3A
- You can use the same algorithm for generating the voxels in menu Tools > Edit Tool > Procedural Generation, shape 'Linked Boxes'
- To generate a procedural atmosphere and light go to menu Tools > Light and Atmosphere and use the random generator

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We have a new release of Avoyd game and voxel editor:
We fixed fog inconsistencies when fog amount not 1.0 (applies to both real time renderer and path traced renderer), and it now lets the path tracing renderer continue to run when the app is minimized.
We also made improvements and fixes to the prototype game modes.
Info (changelog):

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Ludogram recrute en CDI pour bosser sur Les Mondes d’Aria, le jeu adapté de l’émission Game of Roles !

✒️ Narrative designer (présentiel ou TT)
📊 Producer (présentiel)
🎨 Directeur·ice artistique (présentiel ou TT)

L’équipe est top, possibilité de bosser en télétravail ou sur place à Lille dans un cadre hyper sympa et proche du métro et TGV, le projet est très novateur et motivant… bref, plein de raisons de postuler (ou de partager les offres) 🙂

Avoyd voxel editor 0.10.0 is out: path tracing render preview options and auto denoising, MagicaVoxel .vox import fixes, and more

#Avoyd voxel editor test build 

More info & download Avoyd pre-release build on our discord:

> Path tracer preview settings
> Preview auto-denoise option - useful for emissives & transparency
> Fixes several crashes
> Better MagicaVoxel materials import

vox importer material fix 

Avoyd Test build fixes cloud materials parameters that were imported incorrectly from MagicaVoxel, making them too emissive.
Download from

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RT @KaijuChomps
as cool as this is, this is *not* a free technology, its a $500 per month API that developers have to implement, which can only be justified by putting things behind a paywall, so fuck this!!

its also patented, so nobody can make an open source version!

Stefan Samociuk (@Protofield) shared some of his Avoyd world files if you're interested in exploring them - download link in his tweet:
He generated them using 3D cellular automata then imported the raw 3D binary arrays in Avoyd

IconFontCppHeaders is a library of C, C++ headers and C# classes for icon fonts: Font Awesome, Fork Awesome, Google Material Design, Kenney game icons and Fontaudio

This update adds optional restrictions to the range of codepoints to avoid those too large for unsigned shorts (useful for Dear ImGui), and overlap with ASCII codes:

Many thanks to our patrons and supporters for making our work possible

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Was inspired to make my own Bad Posture Drawing

(disclaimer: although my neck posture could be better, this is highly exaggerated, for Fun)

#mastoart #art #sajanrai

We've released 0.9.3 to fix an issue where exiting the editor with changes and then selecting "Yes" to save changes prevented the app from closing. Download:

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