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If you're in the UK and use energy, please pledge to stop paying your energy bills in October with dontpay.uk.

Even if you can afford it, please pledge, for solidarity with those that will be driven into poverty by the government pushing the price rises onto us, and not onto the producers who are filing massive profits right now.

The single biggest gamedev challenge I have is just doing some gamedev daily.

Rapidly flickering shades of red. 

particle effects
weird start screen

Make or break time everybody. It looks like we might be about to find out what it means to exist....

Is LaMDA Sentient? — an Interview | by Blake Lemoine | Jun, 2022 | Medium

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Having to use a seperate game launcher after already launching a store/library is tacky. It has a big impact on whether or not I both buy a game and continue using it.

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Having a job has really reminded me how exhausting it is to work for money, and then work for myself in my spare time!

This little fighter cornered a full grown fox last night outside my apartment and the yapping woke up everybody. I had to stand stark naked at half pst midnight explaining to a wandering gang of residents and a security guard what had happened and how it's never happened before.

I was worried for her but I don't know why, not a scratch on her.

It's amazing how getting some part time work doing something physical just saps my brain energy.

I'm still in training so I do a lot of Saturday and Sunday work for now, but sitting down to a solid 8 hours of learning on a Monday how to make websites/games is much tougher after 25 hours straight of instructing groups in how to throw axes!

It's a hella fun job though.

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Another Linux/Unix poll:

/etc is pronounced:

There is a proposal in my country to begin using facial recognition in order to aid the police. If anyone has good info on how to confuse or trick facial recognition using clothing/patterns/Batman Forever style gang face paint please let me know!

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