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Krzyszof Kondrak

TIL that this trick is now in fact a single op instruction!

Explanation behind fast inverse square root's magic constant 0x5f3759df. Is anyone still using it nowadays in their engines/games? If so, does it have any major impact compared to computing powers from 10+ years ago?

And that's not all! If you start reading commit messages from the beginning, you'll learn by how much each change improved compression ratio/speed on various test sets. Pure gold and excellent way to understand how things work in software!

Not only is the Unity-updated crunch compressor faster, the commit messages are an excellent learning material and a way to see the author's thought process. Definitely worth sifting through!

I've been working with games for almost 10 years now and having experienced coding gameplay, AI and porting to obscure devices, I am now focusing mostly on tech development: engines, tools, workflows and other things to make your life easier. I'm also doing some VR research and fiddling around with graphics, so boredom is unknown to me. Also: I like challenges and meeting other devs!