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Thomas Herzog

When you're too excited about new features in other engines...

Birbs are not good teachers to Fux, they angry if he misses the note's pitch. Don't angry birbs 🐦 🎶 🦊

I just published the second progress report of my work on GDNative and the GLES2 renderer for !

I fixed my first bug today at GodotCon. Obviously it had to be a tessellation bug.

Getting things ready for Godot 3.0 RC2.

It should be a *real* release candidate this time - still not bug free but the remaining ones are of the kind we could live with until 3.0.1.

A few bugfixes later and the editor is almost rendering correctly with the GLES 2.0 rendering backend.

The 2D platformer is looking pretty okay already!

Rendered using GLES2 (or in this case: GLES2 compatible desktop GL 2.1).

The editor is still looking weird since materials aren't implemented yet, but that's how you know it's WIP 😋

Looks like I might have the opportunity to work full time on in the near future!

As an energy engineer it's a bit of a career change (albeit easily reversible, lots of similarities), but well, a $dayjob in and in such a great project doesn't come around every day :)

@karroffel hey did you hear gles3 was released, you don't need to use gles2 anymore :^) :^)

Default GUI works now! The Editor is using custom materials so it's not looking good currently, but baby steps :)

It's something! \o/

Working to slowly get the 2D engine working with GLES2

Got some more UI elements drawing "correctly".

Ninepatch functionality is still missing, will work on that soon!

Been wondering why rendering to an application made framebuffer didn't work. I suspected it was something different at first (all textures are black???) and stepped through the texture loading code for many hours.

Moral of the story:

Don't do

glBindBuffer(GL_TEXTURE_2D, tex_id);

It's not good for your health.

A little video showing off teleporting in , thanks to Calinou