so I was asked to make a logo for the new rendering engine Nitrogen in Rust/Cpp that will be linked with godotengine and other by @karroffel

heavily inspired by the #Rust one obviously ;)

(great to work in a company the rely and support libre software ... !! :) )
#gamedev #floss

DRM is a scam. Stop leasing games on steam, books on amazon and music on whatever while paying full price as if you were buying those things. You aren't; you're renting them. DRM is a scam.

Say hello to Puffy! Or at least what will be Puffy when finished 🐡


New progress report! Talking about CPU calculated skeletal animations, GDNative improvements as well as some skybox rendering \o/

I updated GodotEngine's OAHashMap to use robinhood hashing, then I did the same for my no-dependency-single-header library.

Robinhood hashing is quite cool, I like it! 😄

Skybox is now rendering, here with a ProceduralSky. This is the first step towards the PBR implementation with GLES2! 🎉


@QbieShay added keyboard controls to our penguin snowball fight game: Poongoons. 🐧

Now two players can play on a keyboard!

There's still no sound or "gamemodes" (timer runs out, reach a certain score, etc), so it's just brawling around for now :D

Read about it (and download and test it 😈 ) here:

Over the last two days I worked on a few single-header, cache-friendly and dependency-less data structures in C++.

So far this repository contains
- hashmap
- hashset
- memorypool

Each of those types doesn't do any dynamic memory management. All the memory that they operate on is user supplied.

The hashmap and hashset also don't perform any hashing, the caller has to provide the hashes instead.

It's decently documented 😋

Maybe this can be of use to someone :)

Happy !

@QbieShay and I made a small party game featuring penguins and snowball fights!

The game is still in development, this is a pre-alpha release, but we wanted to share!

A new progress report. Now with some actual 3D screenshots! Most of the work was refactoring, but I hope it's an informative read about the journey anyway. Also it's never a bad time to learn about Godot internals and graphics :)

Today was such a day... spent roughly 4 hours bug hunting. And at the end all I did was remove one line of code in one project and changed order of some statements in another project and now - all issues gone (for now).

These issues have been there for weeks, if not months, and it feels good to know that they are resolved now, but I don't really feel productive spending my whole day changing like 15 lines of code.

But hey, those 15 lines of code held me back for weeks, now I can continue! \o/

SpatialMaterials are now working!!! (the mesh is flipped, not the texture) Did some refactors in the Shader and Material implementation, added an alpha draw pass (which is a bit dark for some reason, but I'll figure that out 😀)

Yay for steps towards more kinda-usable 3D!

I posted a new progress report about the first steps towards 3D rendering and some GDNative ecosystem updates!

Temporary textures and environment to test how all the colors feel togheter

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