Been talking recommenders and thought I would take my breakfast to talk about Musk & Twitter algo

@sinbad Best to mention it on here. But I think looking for a 1:1 replacement is a lose lose situation.

Moving to Fediverse gives you a chance to find new people but also to split stuff off. For instance I'm keeping this account mostly game/dev related and have setup some others for some other contexts. Which is easier in Fediverse land.

Local timelines and mini bubbles are the super power of fediverse.

Also if you aren't in a "growth" or "meet new people" phase might not be right time.

Kinda excited to see if Musk changes monetisation and incentive model.

Ad Engagement SUCKS!
Fundamentally I believe Mastodon and other projects like it are in a better place because like a local community centre or similar its run for the community not for profit.

Tempted to make a shit posting account seperate from this account and keep this one 100% game dev.

How many people chilling out on Masto without twitter import. Really miss chilling in smaller but active spaces.

It's been a while but we are back in the Dreamiverse tonight. Come join me finding stuff Live Now

If your not watching Ascendance of a Bookworm I highly encourage it. We did a quick spoiler free peek at it on friday.

Live now with more delivering angst and Kojima time.

So let's spend all weekend walking with Kojima madness. Live now

Doing some late night witching with Noita. Live Now

We are doing more witchy Noita tonight. Live Now.

Back with some playtime and maybe some shaping tonight. Live now

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