It's been a while but we are back in the Dreamiverse tonight. Come join me finding stuff Live Now

If your not watching Ascendance of a Bookworm I highly encourage it. We did a quick spoiler free peek at it on friday.

Live now with more delivering angst and Kojima time.

So let's spend all weekend walking with Kojima madness. Live now

Doing some late night witching with Noita. Live Now

We are doing more witchy Noita tonight. Live Now.

Back with some playtime and maybe some shaping tonight. Live now

Live now with more witchy fun. Noita.

Live now with Pixel Witchery - Noita

Feels so strange last stream before TwitchCon come hangout and be silly in Dreams.

Live now with more deliveramen adventures

Changing it up tonight because I have an urge to strip mine a planet. Factorio live now

🐔🍜 Monday Dream Shaping and Sillyness

[Bonus Stream] Enter the Gungeon again for shits and giggles

Dream Shaping and tweaking some bits with no cam as I'm still a bit sick.

Live now with more dreams but no cam because fighting a cold

Live now with the rest of the carnival horse game

Live now blowing off stress with come join us


in the past, it was common for people to write software for purposes other than helping tech companies monetize their users more effectively

#history #fact

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