Changing it up tonight because I have an urge to strip mine a planet. Factorio live now

🐔🍜 Monday Dream Shaping and Sillyness

[Bonus Stream] Enter the Gungeon again for shits and giggles

Dream Shaping and tweaking some bits with no cam as I'm still a bit sick.

Live now with more dreams but no cam because fighting a cold

Live now with the rest of the carnival horse game

Live now blowing off stress with come join us


in the past, it was common for people to write software for purposes other than helping tech companies monetize their users more effectively

#history #fact

No Man's Sky in VR tonight aaaand we are live

Playing around with mood board ideas and trying some new shaping concepts.

Totally not addicted to the feeling of flying in VR No Man's Sky. Live now

More No Man's Sky in PSVR tonight come explore the stars.

Most original & best PS4 game at Gamescom. Let's play some Dreams!

What another VR No Man's Sky stream it's like I'm addicted

Bonus stream now live with more No Man's Sky in PSVR

Starting my new campaign in PSVR on Pro. This is going to be fun

Monday Night Dreaming. Lets go explore some of the stuff live now

Late start but making stuff in tonight on stream

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