My main use for the middle button is opening urls in a new tab (instead of control-left click).

I bought a 3 button mouse for my Amiga a long time ago. The amiga mouse port supported it, but the mouse actually hard wired the left and middle buttons as just left.
I hacked it (cut pcb tracks and added external wires) to make it a real 3 button mouse. :)

A little experiment for a tool idea a student and I had.
It's a screenshot annotation tool that lets you draw and erase over the unity scene using the mouse.

The idea is to make a play testing tool where your testers can hit the screenshot key to save a screenshot, but it first lets them draw over the top to make notes. If they see a level flaw or something, screenshot it with an arrow pointing at the issue.

Maybe text entry too, but drawing is enough for now.

I realise now I made a mistake (been working with mainly 2D for too long).
I exported the depth values from the cubemap directly into the equirectangular panorama, but somehow forgot they are camera plane distances, not camera distances. So they need adjusting as they get closer to the cube edges.

It should still be pretty close though.

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I've done image effect depth texture stuff in Unity before, but it was a bit trickier to get going this time since I'm rendering a temporary camera into faces of a cube map render texture that is post processed into equirectangular projection.

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I've now got a depth texture from it too. I can use this to displace vertices of the sphere used to render the panorama in VR.
Cons: it won't look as good as a stereo panorama.
Pros: it will work with any head tilt, stereo panoramas need 0 tilt otherwise your eyes separate.

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Another experiment for the weekend: a Unity 360 panorama screen capture script.

The side on view. Shadows are a bit messed up before rotating into position, but it was a quick hack.

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What to do at 5am while waiting for MS Flight Sim to download?
I wrote a quick cylindrical world (like Animal Crossing) shader for Unity.

Here's the full lineup. Yes, I know some of the dogs aren't actually dogs, I didn't pick the models. :)

This was for a student mobile game.

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It was an A-Life simulation (sheep and wolves). But the sheep model wasn't rigged and just slid around. So I made them dance.

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I made a procedural dog mood animator (tail wag and head looking around).
Rigging a dog wrong can give odd results.

This is what happens when my students give me access to their repos. :)

I got the node path wrong when trying to control the editor camera in Godot. :)

The simple particle system and editor I threw together for my game dev students, using SFML and IMGUI.
I should go back and optimise it sometime.

The red line isn't it's destination, it's the starting point. The red creature is the one that has moved the most from it's origin, that one was winning but went backwards and was no longer the best.

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An experiment in genetic algorithms with neural networks. Creatures trying to learn to walk.

I guess my first actual post (rather than reply) on here should be game dev related.
So here's a cat jumping around, teaching students character controllers in my Kage engine (C++/SFML)

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