Slowly disassembling my office with heavy heart at the farm and moving it to Reykjavík. Yes you heard it right. In the near future I will not have the farm as a physical space. Kollafoss Games on the other hand will live on in one way or another.

I (Esi) have relocated somewhat to Reykjavík so the farm is in a bit of a hiatus. We are still renting it so we do have access to it but the farm side of things is on a bit of a hiatus. In good news though, I (Esi) have an office in Reykjavík/Seltjarnarnes now!

The green colours are starting to show after a heavy winter and the snow is retreating.

Lambing season is starting on the neighbouring farm so we went over for a visit.

A reminder, Subpixel did an amazing documentary about our humble Isolation Jam up here in the north of Iceland. It has some great interviews with great game makers

...aaaand there goes the only road to our place. I guess we'll be staying home tonight.

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So, a river/stream near the farm just got blocked by an ice dam. It got diverted straight to our house. Thankfully, we managed to dig a channel so no major damage, and the water is receding.

Note that this account will mostly post updates regarding the actual gamedev studio and events related to Kollafoss Game Farm. If you want more personal posts you can follow my own account at @esi :)

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I ( main account at @esi ) am planning to start keeping an eye on this account and this instance at more after quite a downtime. Is anything fun happening here on this awesome instance now a days? Who to follow? Fun hashtags?

Managed to get a drone photo from inside the collapsing barn on my farm.

The river in the valley next to me after breaking free from its icy prison

Some people often don't really grasp the nothingness around my farm Kollafoss until they see it in person. With that said, I do feel like these aerial shots I captured in the arctic twilight hours of 13:00 today nicely capture it. That is, they captured nothing. Literally.

My farm, Kollafoss, is named after a nearby waterfall. Here it is in all its glory today.

@SubpixelTeam (at birdsite)
made this amazing 30 minute documentary about our Isolation Jam! Captures the essence of the event perfectly!

I am terribly sad to announce that the Isolation Jam will not be held this year, 2020, because of health reasons. I feel like I could not ensure a properly planned and managed game jam because of my current health problems and therefor had to take this difficult decision. On the flipside, this will allow me a faster recovery, and the ability to make Isolation Jam 2021 unforgettable!

See you all next year
Jóhannes Gunnar Þorsteinsson

We had a real gameboy game made at 2019. Yes, you heard me right. And guess what, it has sheep!

Now go and help Woolball find his way back to his friends in Woolball's Backyard by Samuli Jääskeläinen & Sofi Kurtti

How about some hiking around a peaceful island photographing the surroundings? Try out Russell Sullivan's ( ) game 30 Pictures from 2019

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