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Gareth Meditation Error

Left the windows open all night, so now my face is trying to glue itself together. Yay hayfever.

Made a rubbish tankard that you'll never see up close in-game when I should have been animating.

Here’s me talking about how games can tell stories, why Twitter was bad for my creative process, and my hopes for the future

Still laughing far too much at having my character's walk cycle synced to Staying Alive. Currently setting the global BPM in the game to match...

Here's how I automate my Unity batch builds and release process to Itch/Steam using Powershell:
It's pretty configurable so might be useful to others. PRs welcome if you have more complex needs

dear imgui: I've pushed a test branch with generic versions of Input/Drag/Slider widgets that works properly with variety of data types (signed/unsigned, 32/64 bits integers, float/double), up for early testing and feedback. See

I don't use it, but I've just seen that Autodesk Sketchbook is now free as in beer.

Last play-test of the student projects today and I'm really pleased with the quality. A few groups stumbled, as you'd expect, so hopefully they won't be too down on themselves. If it was easy we'd all be millionaires, innit.

I keep forgetting that I have to log in to Geforce Experience, and every time it annoys the shit out of me.

Just. No.

*goes to the website to get the driver update*

So this is a thread of weirdness by @icculus on Twitter. Someone fishing for Switch code by trying to impersonate a dev & lie about already being under Ninty NDA.

Sod it, that'll do. I think I have enough done to be able to animate my player character reasonably well...

Paid service where someone rigs and skins your character by mail order, so you don't have to. Please.

Kanova, the 3D sculpting program for desktop and VR from The Foundry is out on Steam and you can download it for free:

This is what I’ve been working on for over a year now and I’m very excited (and a bit scared) to see it out in the wild!

if you use and are on the code side, you should almost definitely have read this! A lot of the why, how and where, all turned inside out.


Character for the main project has landed. Exciting!

Except now I have to skin and rig it. Kill me.

I'm infinitely more excited about friend's games coming out than I am my own, so today is a good day. Chums have just landed their latest on PS4, Vita and Switch, and it's a proper to goodness arcade game:

See you at Rezzed this weekend! We don’t have a stand but if you see us wandering around, please say hi! Happy to show you our game if you like 😊