If you’re on Byte, lemme know and I’ll follow back. I’ll be using it to post dev stuff, like I did in Vine, with Lumo.

@Xiotex has setup a discord for ancient game programmers. Might appeal to anyone that makes a noise when they stand up. discord.gg/kPqVCZ

Hi! I'm a solo gamedev making gravityace.com with ... it's a pixel-art 2D space shooter influenced by games like Gravitar, Thrust, and Solar Jetman; release in 2019 for linux/mac/win.

I'm using Godot 3, Aseprite, and Tracktion7 for sound/music.

2018 and my t-shirts still can't iron themselves?

The future is rubbish.

The VIC20 doesn't get enough t-shirt love IMO, so ... anyway how have you spent your evening?

Some photos from at the weekend. I can't take credit, mostly these were taken by my buddy I was there with. icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0pGDd

Tampere IGDA meeting was a good laugh last night. Great to see some students make it out.

Must resist binging SE2 of making a murderer while my GF is out... :/

Just posted another Development Vlog to the YouTubes: youtu.be/rhiSc1BlFdA

I need to get all these on to a peertube instance at some point, but I've been busy.

Streaming random dev again this morning: twitch.tv/tripleeh

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