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Gareth Meditation Error

What's the one thing you can't buy in Hki airport that I forgot to pack? Yup, a bloody mouse. *shakes fist*

I've done two commits from the train. It was worth going through the update torrent yesterday...

Planes, trains and automobiles day. Off to London!

Lets see if I manage to write any code on the way...

Unity tip: you can change the script on a component (useful if changing subclass without losing values for example) by switching to debug mode:

Joys of updating... Show more

For the love of god, hammer it into me that I need to package my project more often than "once a blue moon".

And maybe try "shipping", at least once. You know, before I ship.

Switched to VSCode for Unity programming on my laptop, and managed to run the whole programming class today with it. Zero problems. In fact, given the debugger works and the overall speed, I'd say it's probably preferable than VS2017 for Unity.

Not sure where I'm gonna end up on the UE4 front, not gonna have time to use it in anger this week.

Umming and Aaaahing for ages (3 years), but I've finally upgraded from my diddy Intuos to an Intuos Pro. I shall probably spend the next couple of days drawing cocks on everything. For science.



-Open theme. Any engine/tech.

-Must be a parent, +35 years or older preferred.

-Only allowed to work 3 hours a night between the hours of 9pm-3am

-Jam runs for the next 15 years.


Since going back to Firefox I'm continually surprised by how many sites are either slower, partially or completely broken on it. And most of these are big "name" sites.

The web is such a shit-show.

Lol, debugging UE4 projects in VS Code works!

I'm a fan of the side talking debug windows, but you know... If you want something quick and dirty...

Code completion is sorta working. It'll at least bring up suggestions when I hit ctrl-space. Peak definition and Goto definition do work, though.

Oh, another VS2017 factoid I learned today. You want to make sure you're not sending usage data to MS, perfwatson2 is a massive resource hog (on my machine).

Send Feedback -> Settings

Don't forget, when you're removing that crusty old VS2015 to go get and actually uninstall that crusty old VS2015...

So yeah, that vscode integration in UE4.18 appears to work. Everything builds and the editor pings open a source file instantly. No intellisense atm, and I don't know if I can debug. But for the bread and butter stuff this looks like a much faster work flow.

Pray for me.

What's most annoying about this is that you have to keep closing VS in order to uninstall an extension or modify it in any way. The whole process just takes forever :(

Day 2 of "Why is my PC so slow". Uninstalled every remotely extraneous service and stripped out VS2017 extensions. Still getting massive lags waiting for builds to commence.

Might have to reinstall VS, or roll back to an earlier version at this rate.

Latest VS2017 update has utterly killed performance on my machine. Le sigh :(