Streaming random dev again this morning:

Picked up the side project after three months of not touching it in the slightest, and bar me needing to swap to Vulcan at some point, the code still makes sense.

This is some sort of record.

We want to announce #Pix2iso

Another collab with @CodeManuPro using #GameMaker

Pix2Iso is a small tool to convert your #Pixelart in isometric and create cool compositions in a fast way.

(Characters by DYAGames)

#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #digitalart

Did another Dev Vlog. Fairly determined to carry on doing these purely so I can look back once the game is finished and shout at myself for doing everything wrong.

Hello? Police? I'd like to report a fucking awful Gamer t-shirt.

No, you're iterating on the water shader again.

(this is the one, this is the one)

Hey everyone! Here's a super-short devlog update covering the stuff I got done in the second half of August! Enjoy!

So if you squint, I've got all the UI / Game-flow in place. Technically I could package up and spread builds, now. Not gonna just yet though :D

80% of game development bugs are about queuing something to happen after a delay then changing your mind before it happens.

Seeing Lumo on a decent Oled makes me want to re-light the entire game... :(

A happy Monday to you all!
Here’s a little devlog update (don’t worry, there’s lots of pictures) on what’s been going on the first half of August. Enjoy!


Another UE version update went silky smooth. Compared to the utter carnage I used to get with Unity updates, this is like pennies from heaven.

Did another development vlog. Went a bit wanky with animated text, so it took half the day. Slowly improving, bit by bit.

Did a quick and dirty Dev Vlog today, and also uploaded it to Peer Tube:

Bit rough and ready, but I'll improve it all as I do more...

Been streaming some of my dev this week, today was particle effects, worm pickups and tidying up some dialog art:

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