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Gareth Meditation Error

Another UE version update went silky smooth. Compared to the utter carnage I used to get with Unity updates, this is like pennies from heaven.

Did another development vlog. Went a bit wanky with animated text, so it took half the day. Slowly improving, bit by bit.

Did a quick and dirty Dev Vlog today, and also uploaded it to Peer Tube:

Bit rough and ready, but I'll improve it all as I do more...

Been streaming some of my dev this week, today was particle effects, worm pickups and tidying up some dialog art:

After some late night coding nights I finally released px_render.h

Single Header backend renderer (multithreaded, command based, render agnostic)

Heavily inspired by bgfx ( and sokol_gfx (

Accidentally had a beer and now I want more. Blaming the weather.


Nope, still don't care about E3. Wheeeee!

The brilliant thing about working on little games on my own is I have zero shits to give about E3 anymore. :D

Today I am mostly rebuilding my devrig, after Win10 update screwed the pooch. Joy.

Been working on and using this tool for a little while now so decided to give it a proper release!
Galogen is an OpenGL loader generator, in the spirit of glLoadGen, but with no Lua dependency and using Khronos API registry as the source of truth.

Retrospective of a year writing C code again (for those not also on twitter):

A free downloadable demo of my NES game Lizard is now available on

#LizardNES #NES 🦎 🕹

Dunno about you lot, but I'm on holiday for a week and a half. Woo!

So my 99designs "competition" finished and I've got a new logo for my one man company. I feel all professional and like a big-boy, now.

Been ignoring this place a little, flirting with Twitter again, but I've been busy, and actually doing game dev! Yesterday was all about getting my interiors to match the time of day of the outer game world.

Quite pleased with the first pass.

Left the windows open all night, so now my face is trying to glue itself together. Yay hayfever.

Made a rubbish tankard that you'll never see up close in-game when I should have been animating.

Here’s me talking about how games can tell stories, why Twitter was bad for my creative process, and my hopes for the future