I blogged some random notes about compiler optimizations, branches, and conditional moves.

It is surprisingly easy to get GCC 1.27 (released 1988) working on a modern system

And it is fast. It can build itself in 0.2s on my desktop computer!

Honza wrote a good blog post about the differences in performance/size/etc. between Firefox built using gcc and clang

I liked this talk about cases where it is unclear what the C standard requires/what compilers actually do (mostly related to pointer provenance)

More info at cl.cam.ac.uk/~pes20/cerberus/

Hmm. Supporting C++ modules will need to modify the compiler/build system in annoying/magic ways...

My talk “How compilers take advantage of undefined behavior” from the Malmö C++ User Group meeting 0x3 is now available on YouTube

I blogged about four useful address sanitizer checks that are not enabled by default when using -fsanitize=address.

I blogged about why the compiler cannot optimize one of the examples from Matt Godbolt’s C++Now 2018 talk.

I blogged about compilation time – compiling with -std=c++98 is (sometimes) much faster than -std=c++11

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