My Sonic demake "pico sonic" is finally out of alpha with v6.0 released!

Simultaneously I submitted it to SAGE 2021

New features: attract mode, waterfalls, and above all the spin dash!

Nice, I could pixelate a Visual Effect (new particle effect) in by outputting camera view into a lowres Render Texture. It is displayed on a fullscreen canvas with Raw Image + Aspect Ratio Fitter (I don't need the Pixel Perfect Camera anymore)

Check out Trap Runner, a 1v1 runner I made with R3yuiyui for 2020 !

Today's update greatly improved UI and level design.
Issues remain I won't have time to tackle them all, but I may be able to get WebGL working at least.

I started this series on productivity-focused indie game dev:
A good chunk at the beginning is about hobbyist vs professional approach and I've learned parts of it from experience and in a vocational school. But it's interesting how he focuses on the target end-quality straight from the start. Less about precise project schedules and task management and more about overall scoping and expectations.

I just completed "Report Repair" - Day 1 - Advent of Code 2020
and to solve it, I wrote an ugly brute-force program in Rust I'm not proud of.

Titlemenu for pico-sonic! It combines elements from Sonic 2 & 3, converted to 16 colors, 128x128 with a mix of automated and manual work.
Thx to @johanvinet and his artwork for Gruber's own pico8 Sonic album, it helped me pick colors (but I keep my dark sky!)

In Sillicon Valley S6E4 they criticize Richard for running a brute force (linear) search on a sorted list. Everybody laughs, but nobody notices that the algorithm crashes if the list is empty. Correctness before optimization, people.

I ported our proto from Unity to Godot. It took 6 hours fewer (counting only coding and asset integration). Porting C# to GDScript helped, but the real benefit was the lightweight engine + fast iterations.
Big window: Unity
Small window: Godot

Our entry for Ludum Dare 46 on the theme "Keep it alive":

There is just only one room, but I may reuse the assets & codebase to make a puzzle game.

@godotengine A few issues in 3D handle selection mentioned in about Unity can also be found in Godot, might be worth having a look.

Our game for "Sidetracked!" has been released!

Please do not turn your smartphone off, and check your Twitter often while playing for maximum distraction.

1 joint to attach the candles plate to the chain, 1 joint to attach the chain to a fixed point on the ceiling. Set angular velocity and...

I have almost finished isolating the engine/framework code from Pico-Sonic into

I started making examples on how to use the modules in

Below, the first two examples: make a menu and detect player input (yes I know, you didn't need a framework for that, I'll be adding more examples soon).

I found this old screenshot I posted on Steam years ago, and remembered I actually started some tutorial on Leadwerks... Like many other engines. Now I need to strive and stick to a given engine for 3 months, before deciding if I go further with it.

users, if you're on a UNIX platform and willing to spend 10' on setup testing, could you please follow the instructions at to build, test and run the dummy project?

Reply to report success or failure, and if so, what went wrong.

I really liked Unity's integration system so I made one in . You can run it in both rendered mode inside PICO-8, and in headless mode with Lua busted.

Current work: Pico-Sonic, a demake of classic Sonic for PICO-8

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