The Worthy of Better, Stronger Together bundle is now live. All proceeds go to the Center for Reproductive Rights and the National Organization for Women and has games by Michigan game devs like Sagebrush by Redact Games and ParaMonsters by Moon Metro Digital

Working on a couple of maps for a commission project. Snippet of the WIP

Portrait piece made for Gubbdata 2022! In the process of moving my niece wanted one of my old paintings of a bat decked out in jewels so I felt compelled to do a piece in homage. 🦇

#pixelart #c64 #commodore64

Brave Hand by Ann Arbor studio Heart Shaped Games combines classic card games like Solitaire and War with the strategy of CCGs

Our next virtual meetup is tomorrow at 9pm. Hang out with other game devs in Michigan and see what people are working on! We use Gather, a free (well, for our meetup size) site for doing virtual meetups.

The meeting will be held here:

Dungeon Lad is a roguelike by Canton, MI developer Ghost Goats Games. Explore a randomly generated dungeon as you juggle your health, gold, and remaining time. Complete floors and defeat enemies in order to unlock more powerful upgrades for subsequent runs

Lilly Looking Through is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Geeta Games in Kalamazoo. It received positive reviews from places such as Destructoid and AdventureGamers and can be found on Steam‬‬

A quick cutesy palawan purple crab enjoying time at the beach for Pixel Dailies! 🦀 #pixelart

Looking for games to pick up during the ? Check out our Steam Curator page that lists many games by Michigan game developers

The next IGDA Ann Arbor meetup is tonight at 7pm. Step into the world of game entrepreneurship, funding, sustainability, and leadership as IGDA Ann Arbor welcomes Corbin Reeves, President of Azure Ravens Entertainment and gamedev Lecturer at EMU and Kettering

More details here:

Plan of Attack is a card game where you draw one card and how you play that one card determines your chances of winning. It was built for the 2019 GMTK Game Jame and focuses on the them of "Only One"

The Adventures of Lance is a short adventure/maze DOS game created for a graphics programming class at University of Michigan - Dearborn in 1990 by Michael P Miller & Margaret J Ganzberger.

Just released an update for Wani Wani Picnic on Playdate. The latest OS update caused some issues with the game. If you have a Playdate, you should get the newest version here!
#playdate #gamedev

Professor Pinball's Castle is a pinball game created by @dbisdorf featuring several challenge events, end-of-ball bonus scores, and dot-matrix display. The game was made in Godot and is open-source. The code is at

Pyro Fighters is a scrolling space shooter with platforming physics by @ondydev. Use your flame gun to propel yourself in the air and fight through an alien army with up to four players.

The various tarot cards I made for Pixeljoint's tarot collab. Was fun researching into the card meanings! ⚔️ #pixelart #tarot

Ski-er 64 is ski simulator for the Commodore64 developed by Grand Rapids company Abacus Software in 1983. The object of the game is to navigate your skier down a slope to the finish line.

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