This still needs some code to create a runtime table somewhere though, since this is all editor only .. but that can be automated
A table view would still be useful sometimes, and can be created from all assets without needing to store it in a single file

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And that would make it possible to directly link a footstep audio group to a material, instead of being forced to creating some fragile solution where you have a separate mapping somewhere (probably with a monolithic object, which causes issues with source control)

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So it occurred to me that it's possible to attach ScriptableObjects to certain assets (using AssetDatabase.AddObjectToAsset) and it's also possible to override and inherit from MaterialEditor. Combining all that makes it possible to add more meta data to a material.

the "world at your fingertips" is such a weird phrase.. since everything in the world is part of the world, then touching anything that's part of the world is .. touching the world, and by definition, touching anything with your fingertips is "the world at your fingertips"

so I went into a puma store and not a single puma! all they had was shoes! I've never been more dissapointed in my life

Welp, elon musk is repeating right wing extremist talking points now, I guess there's no doubt anymore what twitter will be like soon

So yesterday just sat down in my airplane seat (first vacation since plague) and suddenly my wife takes off because she can't find her phone. At the very same time I get a call "I just found your dog"
See, we left dog at a friend of my wife for the week, but my phone no is on her collar. And I don't have the phone no of my wife's friend 😬
Fortunately, after some stressful minutes, my wife finds her phone (under her seat!) and we managed to arrange a pickup of our dog JUST before take off 😬

So whenever my dog smells perfume or fruit she's like "man, get that stinky stuff away from me!"

But when walking her and she spots some poop she's like "I need to take my time to really take in this fantastic smell!"

I'm starting to like mastodon now that there are more people here .. feels like twitter before it became .. problematic

So elon musk lined up $46.5 billion in financing for twitter, but paid $44 billion for it .. where did the rest go? Its board?

So been a while since I've used Mastodon, but I guess the twitter exodus has begun

Been in Montreal this week for some unity design workshop thing .. landed Monday evening, flying out Friday evening .. I'm soo frickin tired and I haven't even started my flight yet

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