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DALLE-2 is an AI that can turn any text into a high resolution image, with (sometimes) incredible accuracy and creativity

I made a full video on all my most interesting findings here

Now: All of all the prompts I fed it, and the images it created



ok, 350g water to 500g flour and a higher browning level didn't improve on the rubberiness, but the rising was better. a big air bubble formed below the breads top (i should have made a cut here).

next time i'll also try the 1000g bread program to give it 10 more minutes.

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I have made a weird musical instrument. It is some kind of electronic just intonation kalimba I guess? With stars?

in my quest to figure out how to fix my machined white bread, i underdid it with a 40% water mix (200g water to 500g flour). the crust got very hard, the yeast didn't rise in time, but it's still edible.

next i'm going to try 70% water and a higher browning level. maybe it's just heat that was missing, as wetter bread got a bit rubbery inside.

Some generalizations of polar coordinates (kind of) so you can parametrize space around primitives beyond disks: QT @elrono_: @iquilezles is there a way to get a tangent coordinate space from any 2D SDF in a generic way? For the circle we can get these as (angle, distance) but what about other shapes? 2022-05-22 04:32:26 UTC

caught up on the last four episodes of Atlanta. this show.

Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers is a fairly accurate megamix of my 90's childhood

it's possible the code only works once per day, i used it twice so far, over two consecutive days.

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ubisoft is doing a sale with major titles 50-60% off, also they have a €10 off promo code that never runs out, so always be sure to only buy 1 game per order (must be at least €15 worth)

the racoon in everything everywhere all at once is voiced by randy newman %)

but a more practical solution could be for the witness to read the catalogue of questions beforehand and strike out all questions they will or can not answer.

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imo each jury member should get a red button like on american idol, and when more than half of them push it, a trapdoor opens right below the enquiring lawyer

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"do you have any knowledge as to whether mister depp is a big stupid poopyhead?"
-- "i - i couldn't say"

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really not a fan of lawyers using invalid questioning merely to dress up monologue and plant ideas into the jury's minds.

in principle, with a semiperfect hash function, it should be possible to handle collisions simply by expanding the table until the two entries no longer fall on the same slot

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smoke: robin hood hashtables

bespoke: semiperfect hashtables with SHA256 keys

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