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fascinating how the alarmingly thin spokes of a bike wheel can hold so much pressure and tension

it is good to feel regret in life. it is evidence that one is capable of change.

ok, now frameloop programs must always return void; and the only way to do that is to issue a syscmd.

@alexandria since you retooted from this thread, could you shed light on the context of this toot, which just puzzles me? who is meant with "their" and why is it gross to use the word "monad"?

replaying assassin's creed odyssey, i notice that the colors look much less shit than i remember them from the initial release in 2018. so i looked at a walkthrough from 3 years ago, and, yup, it seems they fixed the color pipeline since then. but i can't find any report about that, or comparison video.

I often feel like the work I do is antithetical to fighting climate change. I think that's also an unfair characterization, because energy usage is only a proxy for ecological damage only in as far as the energy cultivation is ecologically harmful, and I have no control over those policies. Either way, I'm happy to see climate research be one of the topics of interest at SIGGRAPH this year

#Demoscene audience reactions during #evoke alternative plattform #competition. Demo runs on a classical #Intel #8088 @ 4.77 MHz #IBM #PC with #CGA Graphics... mostly #impressive...

downloading 7 terabytes of movies and averaging every single frame from them to create the worlds most illegal gray image


"the only difference between a proverb and a quote is attribution"
- lritter, August 2022.

presently "enjoying" the 9 euro regional train experience

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