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Wolf Gang is finally available in early access on both Steam and!


Support the development of this tactical adventure campaign while getting to play it as content is added!

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Hello! Here's some

I am Lyon, and on this instance I'll be posting more stuff, especially technical stuff that might not interest everyone

I am currently developing Wolf Gang, a tactical RPG about rude wolves! You can get a demo for it at Game Jolt or itch!


And with that, actor entities can be saved and loaded, broadcast properly for multiplayer, and all the barebone pieces are there for getting started on game logic

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Streaming some more game dev in rust and godot, come hang out!

Actor scene key refers to a key in a map defined in a separate file that contains the path to the relevant Godot scene to load (which would contain the actor's mesh, skeleton, animation controllers, etc). I figured to make this separate to make it easier to change JUST the cosmetics if someone wanted to override the path at a certain key

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Taking the day off today to recharge, got a lot of code to rewrite. Reworking how actors are handled in the game, in order to make them super modular with as little boilerplate as possible, I've set it up so they can be defined from a config file which then gets deserialized as entities with components thanks to the latest changes in amethyst/legion. This makes the game super moddable too, as I can have it look for user defined config files

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Kinda facing some decision paralysis over how to handle actor entities in the game

The second instance will just automatically connect as another client 👍

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As an unintended consequence of how I've set up the multiplayer, where singleplayer is essentially just multiplayer but with a loopback, I've just discovered I can test multiplayer communication by just simply having two game instances running

This was more work than I'd care to admit but rotating and placing actors that have larger bounds now works

I forgot to mention it here! I went ahead and made Wolf Gang free on while I plug away at remaking it from scratch

More boring kind of technical stuff today but the actor tool is now integrated with the history undo/redo system

Especially since there's like 5 times as many unique cloners as there are unique visitors to the page

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Is there a lot of bots crawling github and doing clones from that? I can't think of who else would be cloning my repo with literally no readme or documentation of any kind

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