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Been busy with new job most of this year, haven't had the time to work on Doom modding. Finally got around to getting the final update for Hell-Forged 1.10 to a beta-worth stage.

Download: moddb.com/games/doom-ii/downlo

Details: forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?

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Hello, I know nothing about game design but I like Doom 1993 and I have a pencil. So what started as a texture swap test became its own standalone GZDoom game.

I was joined by some very talented people and we're having fun in our free time!

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by @DUSKdev@twitter.com is on main page of Russian Wikipedia! In Good Article section.

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@HellforgeStudio@twitter.com Tactical Banana Peels confirmed.

Get early Demo Access by supporting us on Patreon:

Or wishlist Selaco on Steam if you like what we are doing!

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A new Doom WAD Overview appears! This time I'm covering "SYRINGE", a 6-map set by a small handful of community veterans. It's great! Check out my overview here:

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Target Spy updated to v2.0.1:

Changes since v2.0.0:

- blacklist file: now classes are case-insensitive;
- blacklist file: now accepts Windows-style newlines;
- fixed VM abort when something gets damaged or dies right after level starts.

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Like what you see? Consider supporting The Age of Hell on Patreon :D

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A typo on this kid's sweater makes the caption unexpectedly brutal.

Status Widget for updated to v1.2.0.

Highlights: oxygen and powerup tracking, added max value highlighting for health, armor, ammo, inventory items.


And an update that fixes the issue with ammo types from different games showing up in the list. Also better message merging: forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?

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Sunless Skies: is now available!

This is the game’s debut on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, with many completely new features, fixes, and improvements. If you already own on PC, you can now play it as a free update!


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Oh snap, is that another interview? And this one's actually well-structured? Yup, that's right.


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Status Widget for released: forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?

It tracks health, armor, ammo, inventory items and is extendable. Can be used to supplement or replace HUDs.

Target Spy updated to v2.0.0!
- menu to assign some Unicode characters;
- external blacklists;
- external info providers;
- removed hardcoded names, some names moved to Nomina.

- fixed health bar display with health > 71582788.

Get it here:

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