Mod Menu released!

If you play with a lot of mods, Options Menu gets cluttered. This mod helps with that.

Floor Mod is released!

It's a mod to address unwanted damaging floors in games.

- Option to limit floor damage.
- Option to disable radiation shielding suits leaking.
- Keys to check if the floor is damaging or not.

Autoautosave v1.6.0:


- Brazilian Portuguese localization;
- voice volume slider;
- options menu icon;

- new voices are now precached too.


So i've decided to push back my fears and launch a funding goal on my Ko-Fi profile to help fund the development of "Shroud"
If anyone once to help out and drop a few coins that would be awesome!


Autoautosave v1.5.0:

Changes since v1.4.2:
- new voice packs (by Tapwave)
- hardcoded timeout between voice lines is replaced by sound length
- fixed: Time Passed event doesn't trigger when the player is dead

Bonus: Johnny voice pack by Tapwave.


Full playthrough of Steno Doom Typist Episode 1: cc Thumbnail art by azakachi-rd-17 on DeviantArt



It's been exactly 700 revisions, and is DONE! (In a public beta) Go and have a look at the huge variety of levels that Doom mappers old and new have been making over the last month.


Gearbox, weapon handling helper add-on for , updated to v0.7.2:

It has options for Half-Life-like behavior, brought to you by Carrascado, and also some minor fixes.

New Doom launcher: AceCorp Launcher by


- Git integration for updating mods on the fly
- Lots of shortcuts
- Mod validity checking on loading/refresh
- Minimalistic
- Built-in separators


Small Gearbox update: v0.7.1:

- crash on Delta Touch with GLES 3.2 caused by blur shader.

- menu command to copy custom player color.


Hands of Necromancy is released!

This dark fantasy metroidvania FPS will bring you into different worlds where you will have to find your path with the different transformations!
Defeat the Undead Kings and prove your strength and magic power!
Steam Link:



Hands of Necromancy, the demo of the dark fantasy fps and metroidvania is released on STEAM!

Hands of Necromancy is a Dark Fantasy First Person Shooter and metroidvania game, similar to Heretic, made with the GZDoom engine.



Hey, , , would you like to translate your game into Russian for free?

I'm a part of a localization workshop where we teach young people to translate video games, and we could totally localize your game! Especially if it's around 10-30k words 😅

DM for details!


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