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I wrote 10 MIDI tracks for @ProdeusGame@twitter.com, which are now available in the latest game update. They are also now available on my BandCamp!

➡ Stream/purchase TODAY! ⬅


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I finished implementing major features into Gearbox mod. What do you think I should do next?

Gearbox is updated: github.com/mmaulwurff/gearbox/
Highlights: controller and touch controls support, Event Handler Destroyer support, LZDoom version.

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Selaco is looking for a Concept Artist / Illustrator, preferably with (game)industry experience, capable of producing high quality artwork that fits within the style of the images below. Send us a direct message if you are interested!

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We're proud to announce the launch of our Patreon page! Selaco is an original standalone retro FPS on the Doom engine in the vein of F.E.A.R. Help us make it the best it can be! Sign up and get early demo access, exclusive content, dev blogs and more!


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Here's a progressive coupon for my book, C++ Best Practices, good for 36 hrs from now.

The coupon starts at 9.99 USD. For each retweet this gets, I'll reduce the price by 0.01 USD.

The maximum reduction is 700 retweets @ 2.99 USD for the book!


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Watching, with no great pleasure, as the chickens are finally coming home to roost on the first generation of "DRM box" consoles going offline. They were designed ground-up to make the games on them have a limited shelf life: to destroy ownership in favor of services.

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Alright bros, an update for this old ass mod i have been making for the past 10 years has been released: moddb.com/mods/hunters-moon

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I'm excited to announce I'm going to be hosting a week-long Mapping Contest!

There's a cash prize up for grabs as well. 💰

DETAILS ➡ doomworld.com/forum/topic/1206

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The heart was gliding through the air despite the lack of visible means of propulsion. You were not sure if this was a creature or a device. Its hostility and lethality of the ring's electric discharge were of little doubt though.

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Fellow modders! For a long time I wanted to make a "Don't do this if you want add-on compatibility" list for modders. Well, I can't write rules, but I can write code. Here is a mod: github.com/mmaulwurff/mod-comp.

What else can I log? What problems other mods did cause for you?

1 Hour of Deepsea Oddities Original Music to Chill To🦑 Electronic Creepy Relaxing Underwater Radio youtu.be/G9MzpOAuS30 by Jim Gifford (Captain Spitvalve) at DeepseaOddities channel.

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Now's a good time to grab an album or two off my BandCamp, as 100% of the proceeds will go to me. If you're a fan of the music of SIGIL, EVITERNITY, or BTSX - or just want to grab some random music of mine to listen to on the go - support me today! Pls RT!
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Experimental small thing for : Zabor - VM abort handler. It is both a script library and a standalone add-on.

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Why don't you spend this Valentine's day with a half-orc for a change? 💙👀

Hedon's on sale for only 6.9$ on @GOGcom@twitter.com and @Steam@twitter.com

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