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Someone asked me what the worst game I ever designed was and it’s obvious.

I once wrote a game about dentists where action resolution involved putting four fingers from each hand in the other players mouth.

It’s not only my worst game, but the worst game!

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Just simplified a lot of my code.

I was going to have a fun battle play out with animations and all that, but there is no time for that, so this will do lmao.

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Fun thing happened while I was making my game

So, in the game, you are a pirate. You can try to rob a ship or negotiate with them to give you a portion of their loot. How much loot they can give is a simple random number. If the player's offer is smaller than that number, they accept.

In one test, the number was 0. They wouldn't give any loot, so I was forced to fight! I thought about fixing it, but I think that the game saying no to peace sometimes is interesting.

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FINALLY, i got the main loop to actually work!!🤪

You can plan a heist, go steal things, see the results and back again. And with a day and 11 hours to spare!🏴‍☠️

Now to playtest and see if it's actually fun 🤔

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Alright, I got the battle screen looking good. The idea is that you can choose to:
1. Fight the opposing ships guards. You might lose some or all of your own, but you will get all the loot!
2. Negotiate with them. Maybe they will give a small portion of their loot in exchange for peace?
3. If you are outnumbered and want to save your men for another job, you can just leave lol.
Perhaps I'll get rid of the last option, it seems redundant now that I'm writing it down.

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I was reading a reddit post about computer literacy and realized that double-clicking to open desktop icons on windows is stupid.
Like, why doesn't the program just open with one click? Why would I ever want to click on something once and for it to not run the program I clicked on?? 🤨 🤨
It doesn't even do anything! Why?! Who made this? Why has this existed since like the beginning of windows??

First impressions on Mastodon🐘 :

Because there's not a lot of people here, the public timeline is actually tolerable. Not so fast that I can't read them all, not so slow that I get bored. Sometimes I might even find some neat posts 🧐
And if a billion new users come in and that all goes downhill, there's always the local timeline to find new things in. I am sincerely impressed 😗

Made some progress on my gamejam game today. You can make prototype UI's surprisingly quickly in Godot! It does look kinda ugly, but it'll do for now :)

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Why did the console gamer cross the road? 

To render the other side

alright, imma going to be making a game for Godot Wild Jam 4, a gamejam in which you make a game with godot.
i like this particular jam series because the deadline is 8 days. not too short to be stressful, not too long to cause scope creep! ill write my progress here, so you can see what i do and why.

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i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

Hello, and Mastodon!

It will take as many years to get every Twitter user to use Mastodon as it was to get every Twitter user to use Twitter, but one step at a time, yes?

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