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Cat Seemed Perfectly Content Right Up Until Point He Bolted Out Of Room bit.ly/3PAzz26

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Occasionally I see posts talking about the original Half-Life (usually folks who are just now playing it) and saying, "what's the big deal??"

Reminds me of this:

Just did a remote playtest with an outside person and it went surprisingly well. πŸ˜…

I'm standing there on MY FRONT LAWN...



Thank goodness all of the Kids in the Hall kids are still alive.

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I'm researching how "Gestalt Laws" can affect and enhance and design thinking.

This time it is the "Law of Proximity"

Everything is pretty basic when dissecting it, but knowing the rules before breaking them is what matters here πŸ₯³

A thread! 🧡1/9

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I don't play League, but gosh I love their world.

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The lavender tides are rising.

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Arkane Lyon is looking for a visionary (wink) Lead Level Designer to collaborate with @DanaENight@twitter.com and I in shaping the future of our award winning LD team. Please reach out to me or jobs.zenimax.com/ ! Lyon preferred, remote considered, RTs and tagging appreciated!πŸ§‘πŸ–€

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Ok, just did a comparison and they did slightly exaggerate her features like making the space between her nose and mouth slightly longer, but it's not super notable, IMO.

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Like, doing it for Marc Ruffalo makes sense because Hulk is like massively reshaped and his whole head is different, but with She-Hulk it's just Tatiana Maslany with a wig and a different body?

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Why is She-Hulk's face CG? Seems like the one thing they didn't need to mess with and now it looks weird.

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