If this played in the theater, I think the room would literally explode.

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I think I peed a little

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Hard keeping my mouth sewn shut about this one. ⚔️

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hey does anyone know of a good heartful system-driven sandboxy game that needs a publisher? asking for my friend, Kitfox.

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I'm looking for a whole-package contract Unity game environment artist. Making Geo, UVing, Collision, setting stuff up in Unity. Experience doing things in a minimalist but fairly real vibe (Source-engine-ee). If this is you, you have some work examples, shoot me a pm.

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This is great and actually solidified some thoughts I had as well.

It also makes me realize how much better my process needs to be on next game.

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A new Levelling The Playing Field article is out now & gosh it's a big one - today I discuss how devs keep mixing up the point of Prototypes & Vertical Slices, and why that's costing folks years of their life & sometimes absurd amounts of money.


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omg, I hate Unity's default sound stuff with a passion. It all defaults to Logarithmic falloff, which is fine, but if you change the max distance a sound can be heard, the curve doesn't adjust for the new max and NEVER GOES TO ZERO. JFC.

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We released our game today, and I almost forgot to do a proper tweet on main 🫠

Our game "The Spirit and the Mouse" is finally out after almost 3years of hard work! 🐁

It's a short, non-violent game, featuring a cute mouse, magical creatures, and it's great for all age!

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Hey were looking for a talented Stylized Environment Artists to join the VALORANT Maps Team. Here's the job posting.


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Need Crab plushie with swap-able "shells", plz.

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We need someone to do our plushie slide into our dms PLZZZZ

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We need someone to do our plushie slide into our dms PLZZZZ

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Tomorrow, my nose will be one year old. I won't dress up as my mother wants anymore. Pito is a young man.

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Today, our friends over at @SpiritAndMouse@twitter.com have released their amazing game, The Spirit and the K̵i̵t̵t̵y̵ Mouse! 🎉

Kitty is celebrating. Kitty says you should check it out. 🐭

(game link in reply!)

Why do I get the feeling this cat is 2 seconds from pulling out a katana.

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All dressed up and nowhere to go …

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