I forgot TF2 had a twitter account. Even more surprising is that someone at Valve remembered the password for it.

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TF2 community, we hear you! We love this game and know you do, too. We see how large this issue has become and are working to improve things.

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To be clear, I think I just had my expectations too high.

It didn't appeal to me until I started seeing glowing reviews comparing it to Roger Rabbit, but no....it's not a Roger Rabbit. It does have some good jokes and lots of nostalgia tho.

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Tried watching the Chip n Dale movie last night, but didn't finish it.

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One bright spot this week for me was speaking with @DaveSFoley@twitter.com about the great new @KITHOnline@twitter.com sketch "Doomsday DJ" @RebekahMcKendry@twitter.com

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I'm still getting requests from mobile publishers who want to put LKBC on mobile. LKBC is not a mobile game, ya'll.

Guess I need to improve my messaging.....

Just waitin on you, boss

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As a nation we must ask: When in God’s name will we stand up to the gun lobby?

When in God’s name will we do what needs to be done?

I’m sick and tired of it. We have to act.

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Warriors coach Steve Kerr spoke about the mass shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas.

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On the left: Gun law "strictness" per state (blue more strict, red less strict)
On the right: Firearm mortality (per capita) by state (red more gun deaths per capita, yellow less)

It's ridiculous that we have to state the obvious........

Sorry, I can't even post that Onion joke, I'm just too mad rn.....

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