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Want a copy of my interactive fiction gamebook Rascal and the Boxer, a godot-engine game inspired by 80s action comedy films?

Sign up for my and mailing list and I'll send you a download link for it along with a couple other games.

Doing Unity tutorials today because I've been exclusively using Godot for a few years and I want to keep my skillset competitive.

I'm a game writer/narrative designer but I like to cross train as much as I can, and I'm at the point where I need to find a steady salary.

's chosen title is 1980's arcade classic Missile Command. Participants will deconstruct the game, and build something new from its elements.

4 and a half days to go, so feel free to join up if you're interested in making something cool!

The starts at midnight tonight CST!

Deconstruct the salient characteristics of a classic retrogame and rebuild it into something new with modern tools and design principles.

We've got 5 participants but we could always use more, and I'll set up a Discord channel if there's enough interest.

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Wrote a quick "random game selector" in for the - it chooses the classic retrogame we're to deconstruct and reconstruct.

Here's a devlog video about it.

If this intrigues you but you don't have the time or energy to participate, I will likely do this again unless things go horribly awry.

Sign up for my gamedev/retrogaming mailing list to keep up to date on how it's going. As an added bonus you'll get download links for some of my games and novels.

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Hey, I'm running a retro remake game jam. On the 12th I'll announce an old classic game, participants will take its core elements and use them to build a brand new game by the 18th.

Please consider joining if this sounds like something you would enjoy.

I've got it in my head to run a retro remake game jam, where everybody remakes the same old game with modern tools and design sensibilities, with the twist that nobody knows what the game's going to be until the jam starts.

Of course my fear is that there's no interest in this and nobody would partake.

The YT channel is currently alternating between reviews of games that never saw a US release and video game history episodes. Should I add more types of content?

The Blown Cartridges channel is at if you haven't seen it.

Currently doing an extra "memoir" limited series but aside from that it's one video per week. I'd like to do more but between freelancing and job hunting don't really have the time to produce content other than weekends.

Unless of course people sign up for the patreon (hint hint)

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The YT channel is currently alternating between reviews of games that never saw a US release and video game history episodes. Should I add more types of content?

Next week I'll start covering the ColecoVision. That's a one-parter, as I didn't have nearly as many games.

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Part 3 of my memoirs of the Atari 2600:

Covers: Yars Revenge, Jungle Hunt, Frogger, Journey Escape, MASH, Pitfall, Reactor, River Raid, Spider-Man, and Wizard of Wor.

Not sure if the format works, or if I'd be better off just blogging.

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Thinking of microblogging Let's Plays of old video games somehow. Not sure yet. Maybe screenshots, maybe some kind of narrative structure.

Working on a text-based superhero career/life sim instead of any of my other projects because sometimes you have to.

Right now it's a Twine prototype but the goal is to pivot to ink + godot or unity when I'm sure it has legs.

Went with a soft-drink theme: 

Dr Pepper - Dwarf Fighter
Mr Pibb - Dwarf Samurai
Schwepps - Gnome Cleric
Moxie - Hobbit Thief
Barques - Human Mage
Cream Soda - Elf Bishop

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