The Linux community needs less folks assuming it's the best OS for literally anyone they talk to. Disrespecting your audience can backfire hard even when you're right. Raise awareness, show what it can do, *discuss* their needs, and *let them decide*. Respect goes a long way.

Can't get into Underlords/AutoChess - far too much randomness to tell if failing is my own fault or not.

More games need to realise they're not just glorified yahtzee

I demand the world make more games like Sayonara Wild Hearts

Tired of having long-ass repeated debates about the viability of smaller platforms in which everyone has a different idea of the cost/benefit ratio & wants to claim there's one true answer, even though every game is a special flower?

I think I'll start a support group.

I simply cannot get sound working on Lightworks on Linux. No outputs work, even using the GlobalSettings.txt OutputDeviceIndex hack. Anyone had the same issue? I can't even find any sound setting in the app.

Oy! The demo team has shipped final 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐜 demo version. See it here: and more details at

Someone please report back if TemTem works in Proton. Thanks.

Figured I'd finally catch up and write something about a year of Proton, and the decade ahead
"Linux gaming at the dawn of the 2020s"

Xbox Series X might just be a PC tower equivalent to a Steam Box, with a Windows mode?

That rumor gets a "dubious" rating: SoC's are a little too weird for desktop OSs and games...

Installing a Linux does not make you a Linux fan.

Actual Linux fans have done some of the following:
* Read all the man pages
* Compiled the kernel's compiler from scratch
* Tattooed an Arch logo on their ass
* Participated in at least 5 flashmob interventions on Windows users

I will never shut up about this game. It is one of the most essential video game experiences to exist this side of the millennium.

Finally got around to playing Halo on Linux and wow is that surreal. Thanks 343 for letting us in without Anti-cheat 😍

Probably the best and most comprehensive look at Stadia, matching my experience so far. If you've been saying to me for ages that the input lag would make the games unplayable. Watch this.

As expected, the monetisation is only changing to the lesser of two evils - from loot boxes, to a FOMO driven shop. This is how games as a service are monetised these days, all of them, and it's getting a little tired.

Programming tip, learnt the hard way today (and the last week).

Always, always, always check your assumptions. You pleb.

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