The existence of Proton implies the existence of the metric Protonne

LTT really do keep getting better, more honest, and open in their videos. This latest is does Linux gaming justice and for the first time I'll be happily sharing it

Why do people even bother buying games when Dwarf Fortress is free

One harsh truth about Stadia right now is that many of the ports look like garbo - ESO is the latest example. It's such an odd problem for a platform like this to have, but it's almost a pattern - the big Stadia Pro games play at Low PC settings.

Good learning experience today - discovered some of my code had been accidentally excluding someone based on a pride flag they were displaying in Slack. Unintentional exclusion/preference is common in computing, but so many still fail to take it seriously. We have to do better.

When you try and play a mobile game you're enjoying that has pretty much no online features at all, other than the obligatory-in-2020 gem shop.

It's smelling more and more like Microsoft is eventually gonna cut out the middle man and launch a Linux distro...

Every time I hear about a new game engine I check the website to see which programming languages you can use, and every time it takes about half a million clicks to get to that info

Got my refund back for DOOM Eternal, anyone want to throw out some game recommendations?

Finishing Terraria will leave behind a legacy that not many games will be able to follow. A decade of absurd amounts of content and world building. Well played and good luck devs, you deserve a long rest.

However it's spun I still don't get the need to drop support, but the more frustrating thing is that none of the store fronts have been able to catch up, neither Steam or Humble note if a game will work or not. It's such an utterly pants situation to be in.

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Been running a Video Game book club with my parents who have Macs and this month they've hit the dreaded 32bit game apocalypse.

Any Mac gamers got any good advice? Are older games just now completely dead on Mac? Is there any way I can look up which ones aren't?

Don't make me play an Amazon video game just because it has a frikkin racoon with guns. This is gonna be a hard one to resist.

I guess I'm late to the table but having now finished Alyx, it's an absolute triumph in my eyes. It's not perfect, but it's a tour de force for how much VR offers even in it's still goofy form. Thanks Valve, just give me more time with the Vort next time? You know which one.

Trying the new Forza on mobile just reminds me about how barely any mobile racing games are actually about optimising the racing line. Trackmania on mobile please.

Amazing everyone, the Stadia app now as so many games it's kind of annoying to navigate as they've not added a search box yet

Haha loads of rando salt about GameMode being in Ubuntu now. Please, send more, no Sunday night dinner is worth it without a little salt, you're just making it taste better

So today I tried to fix the leaderboard in a slack bot and ended up down a rabbit hole of how locked memory in the Linux kernel effects golang inside docker images.

So how's your day been?

It's a shame, but for me Alyx performance isn't up to par in Proton just yet. Gives me a little longer to finish up replaying HL1, HL2 and the episodes at least.

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