This is the kind of stuff that's a massive threat to bringing in more gamers to Linux, and nobody really talks about it:

The more I play Eve Echoes, the more I realise it's the mobile game I've been wanting for years - fun short term gameplay coupled with respectable long term goals, but all with a framing of actual player agency, something so lacking from mobile gaming it's unbelievable

There's all these concepts putting rando stuff in but where we at with putting a Fall Guy in other games? Put a fall guy in Smash Bros. Put a fall guy in Marvels Avengers. I dare you.

Apple is so embarrassingly stubborn on this it's almost sad. You can ship a browser with access to anything the web has on offer, but an app that gives you a curated set of games? Nah. Closed stores only work when the gatekeepers aren't dinosaurs

Unpopular opinion - Linux window managers don't matter

Linux 5.8 is out and it's the best Linux to ever Linux, get it while it's hot

This photo from a BBC article about streaming.

The streamer with a bad green screen. The photoshopped face. The background of a dead game (Battleborn). Perfection.

The problem with Ubisoft games of the last 5 years is they hyperactively evoke political issues, symbols, groups and ideologies without ever having anything to say about them. I don't have much hope that will change going forward. The new AC does look like a damn good romp though

The existence of Proton implies the existence of the metric Protonne

LTT really do keep getting better, more honest, and open in their videos. This latest is does Linux gaming justice and for the first time I'll be happily sharing it

Why do people even bother buying games when Dwarf Fortress is free

One harsh truth about Stadia right now is that many of the ports look like garbo - ESO is the latest example. It's such an odd problem for a platform like this to have, but it's almost a pattern - the big Stadia Pro games play at Low PC settings.

Good learning experience today - discovered some of my code had been accidentally excluding someone based on a pride flag they were displaying in Slack. Unintentional exclusion/preference is common in computing, but so many still fail to take it seriously. We have to do better.

When you try and play a mobile game you're enjoying that has pretty much no online features at all, other than the obligatory-in-2020 gem shop.

It's smelling more and more like Microsoft is eventually gonna cut out the middle man and launch a Linux distro...

Every time I hear about a new game engine I check the website to see which programming languages you can use, and every time it takes about half a million clicks to get to that info

Got my refund back for DOOM Eternal, anyone want to throw out some game recommendations?

Finishing Terraria will leave behind a legacy that not many games will be able to follow. A decade of absurd amounts of content and world building. Well played and good luck devs, you deserve a long rest.

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