horizon forbidden west 1.17 on PS4 pro:

1. start new game
2. game stresses CPU
3. CPU heats up fast
4. PS4 spins up fan
5. too late! system overheats and resets

tried this three times now. apparently there is no way to prespin the fan.

Thank you @StylizedStation@twitter.com! ❤️ If you want more, I made a talk + texture database with even more resources: vfxtexdb.simonschreibt.de/ In the "Texture Packs" section I've added now the works from @KenneyNL@twitter.com & @screamingbrains@twitter.com

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New blog post!
Piecewise least squares curve fitting. How to do it, and info on how to use equality constraints for values and derivatives.

It's out. They made it into Q2. github.com/GPUOpen-Effects/Fid
Lots of notes to check through. A reactive mask? nice!

I blogged some random notes about compiler optimizations, branches, and conditional moves.

Some generalizations of polar coordinates (kind of) so you can parametrize space around primitives beyond disks: https://www.shadertoy.com/playlist/XclfRs QT @elrono_: @iquilezles is there a way to get a tangent coordinate space from any 2D SDF in a generic way? For the circle we can get these as (angle, distance) but what about other shapes? 2022-05-22 04:32:26 UTC

Microsoft started making their own Rust bindings for Windows APIs about 6 months ago, and it's quite good! github.com/microsoft/windows-r

Siggraph 2022 papers on the web:

I particularly like GRIS (Generalized Resampled Importance Sampling: Foundations of ReSTIR).


RT "I wrote up some of my experiences implementing VK_NV_device_generated_commands in radv. Might be a good case for implementing that CL C support" basnieuwenhuizen.nl/a-driver-o

PIX 1711.28 – GPU memory usage, TDR debugging, DXIL shader debugging, and child process GPU capture blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/pix/2

@Icetigris Not to much a threading library, but for my home project I've based my tasking on github.com/RichieSams/FiberTas based on the Naughty Dog GDC presentation.
(Home project still too basic to see how well this all works out :D )

You know WinDirStat, utility that displays nice treemap view of folders/files on Windows? Just found altWinDirStat that does exactly the same, except like a zillion times faster. github.com/ariccio/altWinDirSt


New free and open source book on real time rendering:
Computer Graphics from scratch

"The TLDR is this book will not teach you how to use OpenGL or DirectX; instead, it can teach you how OpenGL and DirectX work."

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