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This game's soundtrack would not be possible if not for the developers and coders of Linux MultiMedia Studio. Thank you to all the dedicated people who take the time to code open source software that gets released for free. It makes the lives of many small creators better.

Or maybe the thing is that three short questions are too much for a guy you just met on Twitter? I mean I'm the kind of guy that is always willing to help/share/give advice/etc, but I have to admit that I don't know how much is too much...

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Many people on Twitter are really weird. This is the first time I rant here, but I have to take this out. So after a long time, I finally found a guy that created and released a 2D MMO web game, like the one I'm trying to make. Since the info on this subject is so scarce and scattered on the internet, I tried to get some info from him, like 3 questions. But he got tired after writing two lines of response for the first one and then completely ignored me. Why is it so hard for some ppl to share?

I was able to finish last night with making a daemon out of the WebServer app and install+run it as a systemd compliant service. But then htop showed me that there is a nasty memory leak somewhere inside the requests handler. This is what happens when your C++ skills get rusty because of too much .Net...

Last week, after doing all the mandatory Xmas visits (which I don't really like), I resumed the work on the MMO web based game I started a few months ago. Currently doing all the backend work that's req. for the game to work, so there's not much to show now. However, the game servers (where I do all the game related logic and comm. with the clients) and web server/load balancer are finally starting to take shape. Bottom line is that I'm still working on it and I hope I'll have it ready in 2018.

I'm finally done with the day job work for this year, so I would have some free time to continue on my personal gamedev stuff, but guess what? We have to leave town today for doing all the Xmas *mandatory* visiting to our families/friends. And I don't even know exactly for how many days. Is it just me, or we really live in a world where there's time for everything, except for us?...

This is something I created while learning and playing with Godot. I started it during the LD40, while trying to come up with an idea for the theme. It's more a demo scene than a game, but at least I've learned a lot while doing it. Did I mention that I really love Godot for the 2D part of it? :)

In the last two weeks I've played a lot with the Godot engine, learning it and doing many experiments, so I didn't do any work on the MMO game. And for some weird reason, this morning when I tried to rebuild the VS solution, both the GameServer (WebSockets) and the WebServer (Http) C++ projects threw 1 zillion compile and link errors. After a lot of fighting with them, I found out that the culprit was vcpkg, that (somehow) got corrupted. Not the best way to continue the work on something :)

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Finally I have some free time to continue the work on the web based 2D MMO prototype that I've started a few months ago. My plan for today is to develop further the web sockets server instances, while also adding some more stuff to the actual gameplay.

I've got an extra Steam key for the excellent Stardew Valley! First person to correctly answer gets it!

Tabs or spaces?

After 10 days of using Godot I can really say that I like it a lot. I haven't used so far the 3D part of it, but the 2D is very good. Compared to Unity, it has an amazing dedicated 2D mode, which allows you to implement super easy your prototype/game ideas. Last night I've made the switch from 2.1.4 to 3.0 beta, and the latter is even better. There's one performance issue re micro-stuttering that I'm getting for my fast paced side scrolling 2D game, but I hope to find a fix for it soon. GJ guys!

Is there any particular reason why we can't use .ogg files for audio samples in Godot 2.1? After all, for a 1 sec sound effect, the difference in file size is more than 10x. Coming from Unity where you can load whatever and however you want (even if you shoot yourself in the leg sometimes), I find such a restriction rather weird to be honest.

Just read this nice article explaining how to correctly use Lerp. It's written for Unity, but you can take the knowledge to other languages/frameworks. It seems that I was doing it wrongly all these years, damn..

Great low poly nature assets shared by cool dude on Reddit. I love when people share stuff like this, since I have 0 art skills.

Wow, I just found an awesome tool for you math lovers and it will especially useful for programmers. I know it's not but since I didn't have any entry last monday, well, here it is :)

It is called ShaderShop by Toby Schachman and it allows you to visually define your math functions to create your shaders.

Source on Github :

For those participating in this weekend, have a look at my games browser. In-browser instant full text search of all games from LDs 15 through 39. Good to get some inspiration from by searching for some relevant keywords. Good luck, everyone!

Just found this C++ logging lib called spdlog, which, compared to other libraries like log4cplus, seems to be very lightweight (it's a headers only lib) and super easy to use, both for console and file logging. And it also has the notion of "daily_logger" out of the box, which is great for my needs.

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