So I haven't been here for awhile, hows everyone?

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great ! the #openxr plugin for #godotengine is finaly out and working well (and on linux too !), it's available in the asset store so really easy to install and start with
#vr Thks @mux213 for the work ! 🕶️

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Hiii !

Here's another demo for godot-shaders, which shows how UVs can be used to obtain different flow effects.
Grab it here on
@gdquest 's repository!

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Haven't been here for awhile, whats happening people?

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That's big news! Welcome to the Godot dev team!


It is with great excitement that we announce that is receiving support funded by a grant from to further the development of Virtual Reality () features within !


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@vnen congrats !! @mux213 ;)

(hope it'll be used for OpenXR in general, FB behavior is really disgusting... )

And the Oculus Go/Quest plugin for has been officially released. Coming to the godot asset store near you soon!

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A huge thankyou to all the contributors who make what it is, on all areas: development, documentation and tutorials, bug reports, issue triage, user support, localization... and last but not least making awesome games with Godot!

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The #OculusQuest toolkit for #GodotEngine implements the hand gesture tracking and that's pretty awesome.

Definitely needs some polishing, but amazing that it's already available.


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I made a little video a few days ago about rendering 4 million asteriods in Godot:

Did a small tutorial on how to use Godots background loading feature. VR centric but works for pancake games just fine too:

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The last level of the - done! Now only bug fixes, waves and sounds :) (former )
I'm sorry ... I'm too exhausted to write something more :D

and yes .... I did it myself.


Started on some new smaller format videos to just showcase an effect. Looking at a traditional mirror effect with a viewport (render target) and a fake version that doesn't take the performance hit and is suitable for use in VR:

Part 6 of my VR tutorial series is online. This one has some nice things for non VR FPS games as well

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