My weapons tutorial in part 5 is online, looking at reloading our gun and a quick introduction into visual shaders

I did an introduction tutorial for ARKit for . This also goes over compiling godot from source for OSX and iOS.

Animating my gun, a quick look at audio busses, spatial audio and haptic feedback. Part 4 of my tutorial is online:

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The new showreel is up! Or "are" actually, since there were so many submissions that we made two videos.

My 3rd part of my VR weapons tutorial is online, we're now firing our gun and hitting a target:)

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Thank you @mozilla! @godotengine has been awarded $50,000 as part of the Mozilla Open Source Support Mission Partners program!

We'll use these funds to port the Godot editor to the web, implement WebRTC and further networking features, and 3D demos!

Ok, might as well ask here too. Who here is working with in VR? I'm trying to compile a list of projects, big and small, hopefully to start getting people to notice Godot actually supports VR :)

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@mux213 Is the source code available for this somewhere? Looks like a seriously cool start for a open source game...

PSA - The nativescript 1.1 changes have been merged into the master branch of the godot-cpp C++ bindings library. The new bindings greatly simplify writing C++ modules for Godot but also mean you have to change your code if you're still working with nativescript 1.0.
You can also switch to the nativescript-1.0 branch

Just put some final touches on the track generation, and had a play to see how far I could get with the new procmesh library

My procedural building is coming along nicely, managed to fix a few bugs so now normals and tangent survive placements.

First attempt at importing a mesh into the procedural mesh logic to create a far larger mesh, plenty of mistakes but it is a start :)

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