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I put part 3 of my racing car tutorial online for , enjoy :)

Just uploaded a little video on a technique of making a race track in Godot:

Quickly dropped the procedural logic into my vehicle demo, needs lots of work but pretty happy with the result

Trying my hand at generating a race track from a curve in . You can adjust the curve and the track updates. Its not perfect, and not fast in updating, but I'm pretty impressed I can do this without writing a single line of code

I finally had time to do a proper video on the technique that I used to render a million planes of grass in

Still a few bugs to fix, but I can now paint grass :)

270.000 quads displaying grass at 90fps in , it's only a start but so happy it's working :)

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Still working on Godot's GLES2 PBR implementation, getting closer... :)

Had a bit of fun creating dynamic panoramic skies with rayleigh mie scattering

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Environment mapping in GLES2 is starting to shape up!

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New progress report! Talking about CPU calculated skeletal animations, GDNative improvements as well as some skybox rendering \o/

All my VR related repositories are being moved to:

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I updated GodotEngine's OAHashMap to use robinhood hashing, then I did the same for my no-dependency-single-header library.

Robinhood hashing is quite cool, I like it! 😄