Just put some final touches on the track generation, and had a play to see how far I could get with the new procmesh library

My procedural building is coming along nicely, managed to fix a few bugs so now normals and tangent survive placements.

First attempt at importing a mesh into the procedural mesh logic to create a far larger mesh, plenty of mistakes but it is a start :)

My procedural modeler is really coming together. Pretty happy :)

Working on procedural mesh generation in , slowly coming together...

Recorded a little something to get people started with 1.1, writing C++ plugins for Godot:

Just uploaded a little video on a technique of making a race track in Godot:

Quickly dropped the procedural logic into my vehicle demo, needs lots of work but pretty happy with the result

Trying my hand at generating a race track from a curve in . You can adjust the curve and the track updates. Its not perfect, and not fast in updating, but I'm pretty impressed I can do this without writing a single line of code

I finally had time to do a proper video on the technique that I used to render a million planes of grass in youtu.be/uMB3-g8v1B0

270.000 quads displaying grass at 90fps in , it's only a start but so happy it's working :)

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