made this emoji for Uken's Slack to save keystrokes when trying to post all three of the wise monkeys, but it has found a new life as a sort of "Ultimate Facepalm" reaction and thus I share it with the world.

Does anyone have good strategies for writing higher level structures in narrative games? I'm finding that using something like ink/twine is too bottom up.

Anyone have good articles on cinematography? (especially as applied to games, but also more generally)

Total Unity crashes today: 12

Why am I a sucker for punishment (loving the visual quality of the new hd pipeline though)

Unity prefab system is killing me right now. Lost so much time. Nested prefabs can't arrive soon enough.

@elyaradine on the subject of compute shaders, would love to do a shader art jam sometime.

Just your friendly regular reminder that is for EVERYONE. If you see someone gate keeping and telling a newbie that game dev isn't for them, please take a moment to offer some encouragement! <3

While back watched a talk about how indies will be the ones using realism the most, and AAAs will have the budget to focus on stylisation. I really think it's starting to become true. Look at photogrammetry, mocap, megascans and performance capture. This stuff is slowly getting affordable!

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