Latest weekly-ish recap is up: multi-layer cloning in GIMP, Krita v5 is now in beta, more multi-page support cpmimg to Inkscape , BlenderBIM and Topologic updates, Kdenlive getting new cutting tools, OpenShot 2.6.0 released

Featured artwork by illarstration

An outline of what Intel have announced so far with XeSS and why it's an exciting time for everyone.

The third issue of This Week in @gnome is out!

Check out what our great community has been up to 馃殌

My dynamic render time MR has finally been merged to Mutter!

It should give a slight decrease in input latency, especially on lower refresh-rate displays such as 60 Hz. In rare cases it can also give a slight boost to the FPS in GNOME Shell.

The new gtk-rs release is out! New bindings for GTK4 and a lot of other great improvements. More information here:

When making social media preview images for websites I'm always annoyed by how hard it is to test them with various online debuggers.

Now there's a very cool native app by @rafaelmardojai to do it locally!

馃帎馃帎 Geary 40 has been released! 馃帎馃帎

This new feature release features substantial interfaces updates to support half-screen and phone displays, search engine updates, and many interface, performance, translation and server compatibility updates and fixes.

Available to download from Flathub right now, and your favourite distribution as it gets packaged.

Here comes 3.3, paving the way for many exciting 3.x updates while we wait for Godot 4!

This release has countless bugfixes and new features to make Godot 3 a stable, reliable and high-performance game engine.

How do you prefer scrolling to work on a laptop? Comment with details/why, and please boost for reach!

A new release is out: GTK 4.2.0! Learn more in this update on the GTK Development Blog:

Here comes libadwaita! Read about our plans to make GNOME apps and GTK 4 even better, and about the future of libhandy:

@gnome hi, where should I report issues about the tour of new features thingy on first run after updating?

Great job on version 40 btw, it's beautiful

Let's keep the #GNOME40 celebration going with a brand new release video!

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