Librem 5 Smartphone -- July Update.

So much amazing stuff going on. Including Calls, Messages, Web, Contacts, Settings, and more.

If anything, this is a testimony of how rust can help with writing reliable software. There is no way things would have been that smooth from the beginning had we written it in C++.

So we started shipping WebRender in Firefox a few weeks ago. Completely new rendering engine written in rust, big departure from how we approached rendering before. We are gradually enabling it for different hardware/OS configurations and a couple of million users have it now.

What's kind of blowing my mind, having worked on 3 large-ish rewrites, is that since WebRender shipped, telemetry has reported less crashes per user with WebRender than without.

This is *not* how big rewrites usually go.

Woo! As you may have seen from that previous boost, Mastodon 2.9 is now out, featuring a new single column interface:

This is, IMHO, a huge step forward for getting non-technical people onto Mastodon 👍

Instead of the Tweetdeck-style interface, there's now a default single-column timeline which is much less scary.

(The multicolumn original is still an option in Settings, and those who currently use multicolumn will continue to see it by default.)

#Mastodon #Fediverse

Bientôt un Uber ou un Airbnb coopératif et éthique ?

Qui connaît Smart, Fairbnb, Open Food ou CoopCycle ? Les plateformes coopératives, respectueuses des travailleurs et des données personnelles, peinent encore à se faire connaître


Librem 5 hardware update report for May 8th!

Including: Display drivers accepted upstream, Mesa, SMS, and compositor work.

Piet-metal by Raph Levien, A GPU 2D vector graphics render using compute shaders (metal 2):

I recommend reading the blog post and also the source code on github:

Here's the playlist for the talks and demos we had at Brussels 2019.

Lots of interesting topics ranging from neuroscience to GPU particle collisions via visual debugging and porting old DOS games to !

Lyon 0.13.0 is out
Your favorite path tessellation crate got its share of bug fixes, new features and API ergonomics improvements.

Long time no toot!

3.1 is getting close to the release candidate, expect the stable version in coming weeks!

You can test 3.1 beta 4 now and report any bugs you find:

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