Been working on and using this tool for a little while now so decided to give it a proper release!
Galogen is an OpenGL loader generator, in the spirit of glLoadGen, but with no Lua dependency and using Khronos API registry as the source of truth.

New post: Generating Trees and Other Interesting Shapes With L-Systems
(with interactive demo!)

Linux binary (with -O3): ~4.7M
Emscripten binary (also -O3): ~7.0M
Both link C and C++ runtimes statically. I'd say the size overhead isn't terrible, but I'm so traumatized by dialup internet and 3.5'' disks that anything part of a webpage being > 1.44M still scares me

reminder to avoid storing pointers or iterators to objects within std::vector, because vectors reallocate their backing memory when they grow/shrink.

just use indices if you can, if you *need* to take a pointer, just be sure that the vector isn't going to be added to or erased from while the pointer is in use.

PSA: windows.h defines "near" and "far"
You know what else really likes the names "near" and "far"? any fucking code that deals with clipping planes.
Thank god syntax highlighting made those variable names stick out like a sore thumb, or I would've wasted way more time on this...

Added RSS to the blog:

Too bad RSS isn't more popular. It was (and still is) a great idea, but doesn't mesh well with companies wanting you to "discover content" through *their* services, on *their* terms.

Fun fact - division by 0 is defined to result in infinity by GL >= 4.1 spec. The same is not true at all for GL ES, which is why I had to spend some quality time with GAPID today.

Are there any examples of real-time renderers that use actual spectral distribution as opposed to rgb to describe color of lights and such?

Interesting post about light culling by my colleague Sebastian. Might be very promising in the context of doing forward rendering with lots of light sources

Some procedurally generated trees (they're different every time your reload the page!) I hope to do a 3D version of this during Christmas break and write a post about it. L-systems are super cool:

Is Windows 10 UI fully hardware accelerated? Or are there still bits using GDI/software rendering?

Undiscovered bugs are planted seeds of wasted time.

I don't like some parts of Google's C++ style guide.

Like 80 char limit on line length

no exceptions

no rvalue references expect in move ctor/move assignment

some of the naming rules

And by "don't like" I mean "want to excise an burn in a holy fire"

But I live with them every day

# 7: my ideal programming language will not have a garbage collector. Either smart pointers like in c++ or borrow checker like in rust.

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Would be great to have more gamedevs involved in WebGPU,, development. Interestingly enough there's talk of a C API for it so you could program against that and potentially use WASM to run your game in the browser.

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