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Hi, I'm Nathan (he/him), and I'm an NPC. #introduction #introductions 

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playing with live propagation. this was the first time i was happy with the way the noise breathed over time.

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make political games

make games about problems facing humanity
make great games
make well meaning but flawed games
tell your story, help those less visible and privileged tell theirs
embrace realism
embrace constructive escapism (granting safety + empowerment to those denied)

Some very parallel grid-like tunnels, opening into a larger cavern.

Here's a few more cool patterns.

The parameters to get output like this are:

--tileset=tilesets/calciumtrice-outdoor/larger-tileset-purple.json --failureMillis=5000 --size=15 --optimizationMillis=5000 --optimizationScreens=0

(Requires latest code from

Expanding the demo tileset for GroundCollapse, my constraint-driven procgen tool. It can create some very strange patterns when generating larger chunks!

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I just found out about watabou's new generator: One Page Dungeon generator (which is maybe just a one-level dungeon generator). Very pretty maps, too.

In the demo, you can move through an infinite landscape, and the constraint solver guarantees that every tile will fit with its surroundings.

But if you return to where you were, you may find that the landscape is not how you remember it.

The tool could be very flexible. You can add constraints and optimization rules, change tilesets, different visualizations, etc. Code:

For , I made a tool and demo for generating infinite 2D terrain in a dreamlike, ever-changing landscape. It uses constraint solving based on Wave Function Collapse! It's now open-source and free to download from:

For - work-in-progress generated terrain, using constraint solving inspired by Wave Function Collapse, for

I finally got to just code for a few days! Feels great to create new things again. Much more immediate than other games research work I do.

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My takeaway from :

1. Make games about stuff you care about. It will resonate with people.
2. Do your research when depicting trauma and marginalization, especially with narratives.
3. Everyone has a story to tell. We'll never have too many games, just like we'll never have too many poems.
4. Open source your writing tools. Someone else might use them.

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i love the weird process of navigating through all the half-games and mysterious bugs which make up a game at various moments in its creation.

a completed game can respect and contain those, rather than stomping them out of existence with some perfect, seamless, final object.

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As with the ATVI layoffs, thoughts with the 4% of EA staff (350 people) who got the news today.
Seems like the big publishers are slashing non-art/code jobs despite continuing to make everything a "living game" that requires significant support / community engagement to thrive and return on development investment.

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I’m looking to contract somebodies to make 2D game assets (sprites, tiles, animations, etc) and sfx/music for a mixed top scrolling shooter/side scrolling platformer tutorial game for a 2D game engine development class. These somebodies would keep copyright, but I’d ask for the assets to be licensed for use in free/OSS games.

Especially seeking underrepresented folks!

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"Trans Rights!" - John Romero

hbomberguy's stream continues to be wild

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just realized I never got around to posting the video of my Roguelike Celebration talk! here it is:

this is probably the best existing articulation of my current thoughts on gardening games, & includes some hints at stuff I’m hoping to work on next

Different Games Conference is live-streaming its talks! Check it out for great talks on inclusivity, strange new ideas, art, politics, etc. Link in CW: 

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