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Hi, I'm Nathan (he/him), and I'm an NPC. #introduction #introductions 

I am a , and now I've started a Ph.D. on and . Being an , to me, means that I should support designers and players. My goal is to aid character growth and enrich the story. But an NPC isn't a void; we can and should use our views and morals to push the main characters to do better. With my , I especially want to support marginalized devs and players. You can learn more about my work at

you ever just get unreasonably excited about the command pattern and events? no? just me?

in related news, my tileset editor for procjam now has undo/redo

progress on a visual tileset editor for my procedural WFC-like terrain generator, GroundCollapse

Just released the first beta for EvolvingBehavior, a plugin for Unreal Engine for designers to experiment with evolving game AI. Download and video at:

cw: (virtual) violence, blaseball 

Incinerating Landry Violence, one of the greatest spirits and players, in the middle of the finals? The rogue umpires have truly gone too far this time!

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free game recommendation 

Watabou's "Teen Island Simulator" is a text-based simulation of a pencil and paper role-playing game called "Teen Island" by Chris McDowall.

Basically it plays the game by itself and you watch the situations all play out. It plays in both mobile and desktop browsers:

Also if you haven't seen Watabou's generators for dungeons, medieval fantasy cities, and mansions, check them out:

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For , I made Dreams of Collapse: In an ever-shifting dreamscape that you can reshape, battle your nightmares.


Progress update on my dream-logic roguelike: nightmares are officially scary now, and will chase you. But you can respond with bigger, badder dream manipulation!

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Today for my dream-logic roguelike, I implemented a first pass of "lucid dreaming" -- destroy and re-imagine part of the dream on command!

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Today's progress on my dream-logic roguelike: nightmares appear in the dream. You can attack them, and they will retaliate!

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The terrain gen uses my constraint-based level generator tool, GroundCollapse ( This ensures that the world will always connect tiles sensibly when re-building itself.

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Working on a dream-logic roguelike for - when you leave a place and come back, it may not be what you remember...

Which didn't matter until I recently tried to use DuplicateObject on the parent, and apparently it only does a deep-copy on objects that are parented properly. *The More You Know*

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Today in gamedev: fixing a crash due to a mistake I made in setting an Unreal object's parent wrong in code I wrote over a year ago, which I thought might be wrong at the time but ignored...

A (test) text representation of a procedurally generated train car. It has a water spigot (s), obstacles (#), machines (m), and plants (p)

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This builds on the idea of "Gardening Games," by Max Kreminski: - you are tending and growing things sustainably, not mining resources to bring back to your plants.

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Very excited about our design: growing plants to reclaim cars in a nigh-infinite futuristic train (think Snowpiercer) by repurposing wasteful machines to collect water.

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