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Today's dear imgui bug: collapsed external windows are escaping.

dear imgui: notes about changes just merged: if you update to master (1.60 WIP) you'll need to fix 2 things in your app (call CreateContext/DestroyContext, remove Shutdown), see:

Gamepad+Keyboard controls are now available in the master branch (and will be marked Beta probably for a while). Here's a handy control guide if you are using imgui on a game console without mouse/synergy (same layout apply to PS4, Switch, Xbox).

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Vokselia is the largest Minecraft map we've imported into Avoyd. It took a while to load but it worked!

We've open sourced the importer we used for this at

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*Me while writing code*
I'm a genius!

*Me reading code from three months ago*
I'm an idiot!

dear imgui: more r&d on virtual viewports + platform abstraction layer = magically dragging windows outside client area, creating display contexts dynamically etc. (there's still flickering on transitions).

The road toward turning all those r&d stuff (docking + magical platform windows) into a polished/shipped version is long but we're getting there. Probably half-way now?

dear imgui: proof of concept of virtual viewports. Single imgui context, multiple os windows. Viewports can be resized mid-frame. Lots of stuff left to solve/polish but it's progressing nicely.

dear imgui: experimenting with drag and drop across multiple contexts and os windows

(it's a pandora's can of worms tho. I'm merely doing quick hacks to figure out steps ahead. (In this case it is 1 process, 2 os windows, 2 imgui contexts. I'll be probably working on virtual viewports so 1 imgui contexts can have multiple outputs, it's a change that would simplify a lots of things when using multiple os windows)

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dear imgui: worked on a better/simplified BeginCombo api which should solve all the problems combo had: no reliance on indexes/random access, no need for a function for custom data. Ping me if interested in testing/feedbacking.

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Hi everyone! I'm a programmer currently working for a mobile games studio in Barcelona (gameplay, mainly, but we end up being a bit generalist). I also prototype small games on my own every now and then.

Atm I'm using Unity at work, but I tend to prefer C++, and for jams and stuff like that I've been happily (for the most part) using Haxe.

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Good mornings people! So this gamedev mastodon thing has been running for almost two weeks by now, and got to 1760 (not all are active ofc).

- Does it seem to be working?
- Is it useful?
- Any suggestions for improvements?
- Any other feedback?

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hola everyone, I'm Megan, I run Glass Bottom Games, currently working on Spartan Fist: - a first-person punching roguelike about punching dudes so hard they explode. Our previous games include Hot Tin Roof, which you've maybe heard of. I drink a lot of tea? Our games tend to have cats in them? Oh I'm a metalhead too. DEATH METAL WOO (especially fem lead death metal - The Agonist / Arch Enemy is my shiz). Uh, hi? This me.

Among the things that are missing now, you should be able to merge two loose windows (which creates a sort of "anonymous/temporary" tab bar on the spot).. and lots of out-of-order issues to solve with the implementation.

The way the system work you can have multiple dockspace, or create one in a window, and move things between them. It's generally more flexible and featured than the Lumix engine implementation, but still very unfinished.

dear imgui: tabs/docking work in progress GIF (still a couple of small and big issues to fix but it's moving forward...)

C++ question: if in one compilation unit class A declares an operator (e.g. behind block) and in another compilation unit same class A doesn't, will I end up with linking/other issues with any compilers/platforms? Class data layout is identical, operator is inline. I'm basically trying to turn my "it works here" into "can I safely ship those sources"..

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Oh my! A rewrite of the old depends.exe (dependency walker) that works with modern Windows versions! This is excellent: