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Gcc/Clang: "Hey, you should really add some parentheses here to explicitly signify your intent with respect to the order of operations."

Rider/Resharper: "Get rid of these redundant parentheses, what kind of idiot doesn't have the entire operation order table front-of-mind at all times?!"

dear imgui: a few weeks ago I resumed work on docking. Decided to rewrite my docking branch from scratch as it had too many issues. Now working on making docking v2 the one that will be released. (GIF: merging any window into another by holding SHIFT.)

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dear imgui WIP: working on range-selection patterns, standard mouse/keyboard behaviors, selection storage/algorithm up to user (tested intrusive and external views, bools/sets/interval storage), and mostly, it works with clipping (here showing a virtualized list of 800000 items).

Now I need to turn that mess I created into something shippable, but at least I've explored most big issues.

dear imgui 1.61 released: better double/u64/s64/u32 support, better %e/%g formats support, .ini loading/saving from/to memory, merging sparse overlapped fonts, safe area padding fixes, columns fixes etc..

dear imgui: I've pushed a test branch with generic versions of Input/Drag/Slider widgets that works properly with variety of data types (signed/unsigned, 32/64 bits integers, float/double), up for early testing and feedback. See

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Daily Pathtracer part 8, where I'm learning more SIMD, and add more spheres to the test scene.

dear imgui: spent a day wrestling with viewports and finally got a tooltip sticking out of the main application window and not straddling monitors. Small victory.. (still got a bunch of messy code to rewrite + multi-dpi handling means that moving a window may alter its size etc)

The dear imgui gamepad/keyboard controls are not particularly easy to visualize but here's a GIF i made of it (no mouse, entirely controlled by keyboard here, taken from a February build)

dear imgui 1.60 released: beta gamepad/keyboard navigation, context functions refactor, dozens of fixes/improvements to style, popup, combo, font atlas, columns, demos, back-ends etc..

- The apps pictured above are SdfMesher by @aiekick and Graphite by @BrunoLevy01!

- Huge thanks to all supporters on Patreon for your continued support! <3

- Recent and future development are also sponsored by Blizzard! Read link for a details + full changelog.

dear imgui: resuming work on docking and the multi-viewport api.. getting this to work on all frameworks/platforms + exposing the right api + making it not complicated/overwhelming to new imgui users or new programmers has been a headache, but making progress.

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Surely passing library paths using forward slashes instead of backward slashes to MSVC linker won't have any effect on linking performance? Haha nope!

dear imgui: notes about changes just merged: if you update to master (1.60 WIP) you'll need to fix 2 things in your app (call CreateContext/DestroyContext, remove Shutdown), see:

Gamepad+Keyboard controls are now available in the master branch (and will be marked Beta probably for a while). Here's a handy control guide if you are using imgui on a game console without mouse/synergy (same layout apply to PS4, Switch, Xbox).

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Vokselia is the largest Minecraft map we've imported into Avoyd. It took a while to load but it worked!

We've open sourced the importer we used for this at

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*Me while writing code*
I'm a genius!

*Me reading code from three months ago*
I'm an idiot!

dear imgui: more r&d on virtual viewports + platform abstraction layer = magically dragging windows outside client area, creating display contexts dynamically etc. (there's still flickering on transitions).

The road toward turning all those r&d stuff (docking + magical platform windows) into a polished/shipped version is long but we're getting there. Probably half-way now?

dear imgui: proof of concept of virtual viewports. Single imgui context, multiple os windows. Viewports can be resized mid-frame. Lots of stuff left to solve/polish but it's progressing nicely.

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