Nice to see git addressing some of command line complexities. "checkout" command is way complexicated, the new "switch" and "restore" make sense.

Traveling to soon. Hit me with your top tips so I can read them on the plane! ✈

Help save the Internet, do not use Chrome!

‪Late night chat thread: what piece of software have you recently fallen in love with? I’ll go first: Greasemonkey for Firefox. I’m super happy with 🔥🦊 and 🛠🐵 makes me feel less held captive in my own browser.‬

Holy crap I just realized the Vita can map the right analog stick to almost anything when playing PSP games. This is major y’all.

Is there an official term for the psychological phenomenon that happens when you’re interrupted in an un-pausable game?

If you're new to Mastodon and the Fediverse, you may be looking for ways to connect with people.

Here are some suggestions:

✅ Do a post telling the world a little bit about yourself with the hashtag #Introductions

✅ Visit the opt-in community directory Trunk to find people to follow, it's organised by topic:

✅ Use hashtags! These are the only way to search the fediverse, so they make your posts much easier to discover.

More #MastoTips:

Friday night chat thread: what game do you wish you could go back in time and invent yourself? I’ll go first... Tetris!

Late night chat thread: if you had a magic wand and could add any one feature to your game for free, what would it be?

Yikes just got hundreds of spam notifications re: “” — @aras can you block this server?

If you could rewind time before you got into and you were at the start of your journey what is the one thing you wish you had?

mild take: VS Code is unironically a good IDE. Atom felt like a hacked-together editor that was trying too hard, but comparing VS Code with, say, IntelliJ's memory use really puts things in perspective.

sure, it's nowhere close to where most IDEs are at, but it's only had a quarter of the time to develop those features. It's honestly impressive.

and I think this is unironically the one Electron app I won't shit on, because most IDEs with the features it has are way more memory-heavy than it.

I gave a short talk on game design this week, and took the opportunity to jot down the important parts. Patrick’s Game Design 101:

‪I’m giving a microtalk on game design today, a topic I can chat about nonstop. High points y’all think I should hit?‬

@chrisparsons Hmmm weird. Seems like plenty of sites you’d want to be able to claim without the ability to edit the site’s source HTML.

I made a Docker container that generates other Docker containers, so that pretty much makes me an expert... right?

I’m 90% sure I was trying to jot down one last idea and started falling asleep mid-sentence. Ah the joys of late night journaling!

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