Since 3.1 is close to its release, which will bring back GLES2 I'm already planning the port of Moon Cheeser to this new era!

But it will change a lot, from design to technology and even its name!


@itchio devlogs now can be in some of these categories, WHICH INCLUDE TUTORIALS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I've been waiting for something like this since Bard's Lesson 😍 👌

Hey guys and guyettes, I just merged my revamped approach for the actor of the Platform Template I'm developing for and I need your feedback on it, how about test it and report some issues? You can get it at


Please, don't hesitate to reporting whatever you find, the more feedback the better it will become and every Godot user will soon benefit from it 🐷 💙 🤖


Now that's solved all the problems, I don't feel like needing icons just to fill negative space.

Starburst is love, starburst is life.

What do you guys think @groud @cidney

I'm trying to redo my header images, add some color they are too "dead" colored and this doesn't represent myself.

But I'm really bad at color matching, most of my stuff is monochromatic 🤔

But I'd like to know from other peoples, what do you think about this new one? I'm thinking about removing some of the icons I took from but not sure :(

really enjoyed this picture (didn't research the author, tho).

I think I'll go for something similar to that for a small but feature rich kitchen, just like 💜

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After helping a bit with a cat-themed game, I'm now the proud owner of a marvelous feline rendering of my pretty face (profile pic)!

Thanks! :3

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Have you seen that now has a instance, federated with ? (you can follow @blender)

It works great, I hope they'll be happy with the experiment :)

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Trying a zero-code animated tile map in . It's not the best usability, but it works just fine.

So our journey begins! We just set a mini kickstarter-like sale to fund the development of THE FIRST Platform Template Project for So don't miss the chance to your an SMASH THAT SALE'S GOAL 🎉 🐷

something cool is coming soon 🎵

If you want to make platformer games easier in , make sure to follow us on because this will be AWESOME! 🐷 💻

Good morning guys! I'll be streaming on (also on and ) in about 1h. The stream will be about reaching 1k subs in YT, studio's resolutions and after that streaming my entry for ( take your seat and come by 🐷 with a special surprise for a really special, actually core member of community. The theme is inspiration and that person inspires me A LOT.

It's time to set your weight goal, write down your diet and get inspired! Because if sat is the past tense of sit, fat is just the past tense of fit! 🐷🥊

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║▒\ put this on your page
║░▒║ to show others
[█▓] A sword

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Since in Godot Engine I have the freedom to use OOP wherever I want and the base Node has no unnecessary property/processing (like transforms), I'm using Nodes as simple data containers to make development more user-friendly.

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #GodotEngine

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Random shader study: trying to apply an image dissolve mask using fragment shader.

(the video is stuttering because of my celeron cpu)
#gamedev #GodotEngine #shaders

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