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In green, countries who are parties to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Zach Oakes - Making Games at Runtime with Clojure youtu.be/0GzzFeS5cMc

"Games are a modern art form, and like other artists, game designers need to experience their work as they create it. This talk will explore the benefits of making games "at runtime". Through both abstract discussion and concrete demonstration, we will see why Clojure is uniquely suited to the task."

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.@unity@twitter.com hi I noticed you automatically collect my players' hardware, play time, play frequency, session length, full information about their computer in all my games, but you only allow Pro licensees to disable that. How can I disable this with a regular free license?

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Tweet from Blender (@blender_org), at May 28, 10:53 - BGE developer Benoit Bolsee will lead the work on a new real-time interactive mode for Blender 2.8. Featuring physics for simulation, a nodal logic system with event handling, and enable support for external game engines. t.co/dHCBghGE8s t.co/NVR4iaopDN


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During the Death Race moral panic the press coined some wonderful new terms for "videogame".
A great post by The Videogame History Foundation.


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I got this “pocket developer” die and I love it so much

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Aaaaand it's launched!


Please read the instructions for reporting bugs and contributing to this project made withing a month with mastodon.gamedev.place/media/w

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Sisyphus, a #threejs experiment with technofle.sh, is nearly ready to go live - the nodejs part is coming tomorrow! @polymorphcool #avatar #libre #web #3d

"Armory is now a funded open-source project! We can now distribute it completely free of charge, further grow the community and tremendously improve the engine in return to benefit everyone"

First goal reached! | Lubos & contributors on Patreon - patreon.com/posts/first-goal-1

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Like a Kinect but with a standard webcam - impressive! Hope I can try this out for some AR demos soon 😎

"Real-time Human Pose Estimation in the Browser with TensorFlow.js"


Sisyphus avatar is no able to sit gently on its cube, slowly morphing! It is visible here > sisyphus.technofle.sh, devlogs on frankiezafe.itch.io/sisyphus - in collaboration with simone niquille (technofle.sh)