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It seems to work now, so I have all weekend to polish and optimize.

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Game dev students: don't accept the narrative of "entrepreneurship" and "innovation" without demanding a critical look at those concepts. What the relationship is with labour, precarity, exploitation, class, craft & capitalism.

In short: demand education, not indoctrination

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Having more fun with @godotengine@twitter.com !!!

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So lots of downloads of the v4 pre-release and no issues reported. Are we talking Zarro Boogs found, or are you all being unnaturally shy? ;-)

How's v4 working for you so far? It's have your say time! twitter.com/PraxisLIVE/status/

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We've just released v0.10.0 release candidate! Please help us test this new version: forum.openframeworks.cc/t/0-10

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demain je sors ce truc: vimeo.com/264501839 - qqles classes pour faire du mapping depuis processing, et se passer de madmapper, par ex. :)
#processingorg #java #videomapping

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I'm disappointed in all of you. No one told me this was happening and I missed the Kickstarter. I just pre-orderded it, but it's not the same. Shame on you, Mastodon!

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Still playing with approaches to creating cave tunnels for . Did a quick cave wall sculpt in and mixing it with scattered rock meshes. Here is a viewport test out of Godot. These should be quite fun to fly down!

"Transi, chubby and caballo" will be running tonight at Brotaru, the monthly indie game meetup in - facebook.com/bxl.otaru/ (fb, i know...)

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Still looking for a few testers for the Steam Beta! Help me decide what should be BUFFED (your favorite weapons, of course) and what should be NERFED TO DEATH.

There's some friendly competition in the Leaderboards going on!

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The program for Libre Graphics Meeting 2018 is out! Pls RT & share. libregraphicsmeeting.org/2018/

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Prototyping a RetroStyle endless runner game in and learning new stuff on the way 🤓

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The two first rows were edit examples of characters found on internet to fit with me needs and to have an idea to get the final design with a constant quality. And the row at the bottom are the final characters used for the gamejam entry.


#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #gameart #8bit #ドット絵

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cam dolly stairs test 🎥🛒