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Man, I love open-source. You'd never read something like that in a commercial game engine's manual:
I rarely play games but when I do, I don't for an experience. Like a good book or film.
PS: I made a simple 3D platformer game yesterday with Godot from scratch. It's gonna be a gift for a loved one. So hushhh!
#Godot #GameDev #GodotEngine

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New release: Godot 3 2D Destructible Objects v1.2.0 patreon.com/posts/new-release-

If you like my open source work, please consider supporting me :)

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We're organizing a new around @fosdem
in Brussels, Belgium, on 3 & 4 February 2020!

We'll also have a booth at FOSDEM, and some of us co-host the devroom on 1 Feb, which will have talks about all kinds of projects and tools.


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The positioning code is now a separate resource so you can let Scatter take care of all the boring stuff like memory management and only focus on your custom logic😀

So here's a cliff generator

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oh my goodness, Pocket Racer by @graftdotgames@twitter.com is a sewing machine race track with an AI judge!! 😍

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Mais um teste com o GIProbe dinâmico da Godot 4 devel. Tá no menor subdivision porque meu computador já tem 5 anos, então a qualidade não é das maiores, mas ainda assim tá muito bonito!

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Just got alpha access to EmberGen by @JangaFX@twitter.com and it's so unbelievably fun. can't wait till there's a way to export this to blender btw this is running in real-time 🤯

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very nice piece of software: Instant Meshes, an automated #retopology tool based on quad orientation, visualised as strokes all over the mesh. By editing them, you can efficiently controls the flow of geometry of the surface.
And it is released under BSD license. Tested and approved. A big <3
#3d #modelling #lowpoly #tool #b3d @polymorphcool

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