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Animated meshes as particles!

Why yes it is one draw call! The animation is done gpu side.

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ROOM 237 by @DoomCube@twitter.com & @Patlegoman@twitter.com: buff.ly/2WaJp1r

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Here's a simple Fire Shader that you can use in your games.

> Shader here (available for all!): patreon.com/posts/26900411

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I really liked Unity's integration system so I made one in . You can run it in both rendered mode inside PICO-8, and in headless mode with Lua busted.

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I'll be at Libre Graphics Meeting again later this month in Saarbrücken, Germany. I'm leading a workshop on live-coding graphics with Processing in @PraxisLIVE@twitter.com libregraphicsmeeting.org/2019/ Hopefully lots more PraxisLIVE and @ProcessingOrg@twitter.com related discussion too @LGMeeting@twitter.com

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I wrote up a guide detailing how game developers can self publish their Unity games for #linux in the Snap Store. It's mostly copy&paste with a few extra steps. I'd love to hear back from devs who tried it out and published successfully (or indeed not). snapcraft.io/blog/publish-your

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My first steps in thanks to @frankiezafe@twitter.com and the abstract sea I created with it also some words on the "Games as lights and colors on canvas" workshop I gave at Cinema Nova in Brussels with @JulienAnnart@twitter.com isabellearvers.com/2019/05/god

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colors created with an HCG picker are a bit more subtle, in my pov...
see it in action here (the color picker on the right is the standard one from godot): vimeo.com/333608613
#godotengine #gamedev #ui #dev #colorspace #RGB

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The more I look at this image the more amazing it gets.

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once logic is ok, programming is so smooth! the functional version of the rotation picker for futari-app is ready here: gitlab.com/polymorphcool/futar - just instantiate in your scene and link to object via a tiny bit of gdscript :) #creativecoding #gamedev #ui #widget #godotengine #design @polymorphcool

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