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Full real-time global illumination in this screenshot. It has two light bounces, sharp and rough reflections, AO, and emissive lighting. All is dynamic (everything can be changed or moved in real-time). Runs fine on a low-end dedicated GPU.

Second image has GI off for reference.

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🍍➡️🥧 How to turn a pineapple into an apple pie.

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Is raymarching on the CPU dumb? Yea... but I had an absolute blast learning how to make this, and trying to push my PCs cores to their limit. Runs at 60+fps on my machine. It really is nuts how fast the job system and burst is.

Code is here if ya want it:

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on the . Only needed small fixes. Main work by @mux213@twitter.com @m4gr3d@twitter.com and @godotengine@twitter.com github.com/GodotVR/godot_oculu

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post-processing tests with #godotengine : recording the 40 last frames into textures and mixing 2 3d scenes with effects (lines are showing the porcess flow)
#fx #realtime #gamedev #creativecoding @polymorphcool

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I blame @Mrdodobird@twitter.com for this... Cloth on the face is actually quite funny...

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In ONE WEEK @marpistudio@twitter.com & @Kevo@twitter.com will be presenting their holographic handiwork in the at @SausArtFestival@twitter.com at the Art Tech Pavilion. You won’t want to miss this one, so get your tickets now! sausalitoartfestival.org/ticke

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these guidelines for making videogames more accessible could apply to all sorts of UI/UX design when you consider games as a subset of human-facing software

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A few years ago I was creating much generative art with Blender. This one program output several compositions which I thought looked like abstract Eva.

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For who might have missed it, 26 October 2019 in Amsterdam will be the first @FossXR@twitter.com Conference focusing on #FOSS #VR #AR #XR. Please follow and share if you are interested! Proposals can be send in until September 9th!

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Some progress in my character creator for . Hope to release this on GitHub in a week or so , and maybe make some tutorial videos explaining the workflow and how everything works 🙂

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haha ... Linux Desktop apps in #VR #gnome add-on by #Collabora is pretty cool !
I will have to try it a bit to find a real use, and how to gain from that mode when doing VR or 3D work, but at least it's fun and usable and "it works !"(tm) here with not much trouble to install on SteamVR Vive

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Interactive Developer & GPU dev @ NVIDIA. I like to build tools.

Currently working on a live coding tool supporting several different programming paradigms.

If I'm learning something new, I'm happy ;)


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