I really need to find some way to disappear for a week and just work on a Playdate game 😅

I'm finally cracking open the Play Date SDK... and there's definitely a reason why I'm a programmer rather than an artist:

The ultimate challenge: writing a video script for Godot without making a "waiting for Godot" pun...

I don't want to spoil adventure.withgoogle.com/io, but everyone here should be able to find the Druid stick if you've played old school Konami games...

I'll also be idling in I/O Adventure as much as I can during the week. Stop by and say hi!

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Gearing up for I/O today, check out this pinball game!

It's made in Flutter (and I believe Flame) - which I have high hopes for Flutter (or at least Dart) for game development.

A local indie dev meetup is coming up, and I feel really out of place basically having no gaming side projects since... basically Christmas break.

I feel like I have writers block but for fun indie things.

Debugging Unity:
1) Turn it off and on again
2) Turn it off, delete the Library/ folder, turn it on again
3) Actually start debugging

I should've gotten the smaller deck so I didn't just install all the games and continue to not actually finish any.

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I've been writing up documentation around how aspect ratio effects games on Android. Watching how much of a hard time the camera in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Switch) has keeping everyone on-screen feels like full vindication of this research 😆

"Almost no one understands perspective math, even in this relatively high budget game!"

It turns out that Mastodon has basically a "TweetDeck" view built in:

TFW your Windows and macOS PCs failed to sleep when you closed their lids, and you burn yourself taking them out of your bag 😅

In weird indie console time math, my shipping confirmation confirms that Q2 SteamDeck ordinally comes before Group1 PlayDate.

Trying to explain why gamedevs love IMGUI to app devs:
"You see, games have to focus on performance above all else. Minimizing draw calls, laying memory out in cache friendly data structures, manually managing memory. But we also keep forgetting to implement the pause menu until the day before shipping..."

So, today's Vergecast is revealing just how far I have to go in the custom keyboard space... I really want to build another slim keyboard and another trackball mouse.


Someone should make a Mastodon web client using thelcars.com/ styles. In honour of the Federation.

I just wrote a document on 3D picking at work, and I wonder if it's useful in general. I see too many folks try to guess at a screen to world transform and forget some key value with unexpected scaling for isometric/2d games.

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