v0.9 is a complete revamp

1) Visual overhaul -- fully tiled backgrounds!

2) Tons of gameplay changes including reworked level design, improved mechanics and difficulty smoothing.

3) Now with scary bad guys, which can be attacked or avoided due to their super-advanced "stand there" AI.


Just released a semi-major update.

DevLog: ramifactor.itch.io/bel-poppy/d

1) Version tracking now implemented with butler.

2) Quite a few level design tweaks to smooth out the difficulty and improve game feel.

3) Lots of other tweaks, adjustments and bugfixes to make the game about 1.4% better overall.

Play for free: ramifactor.itch.io/bel-poppy

All those dev hours, and the little healing gimmick that took all of 10 minutes to implement gets all the attention...

Version 0.2 released!

Devlog: ramifactor.itch.io/bel-poppy/d

Includes a couple of important bugfixes for keyboard input and window scaling.

Also added a checkpoint system to smooth out the difficulty:

Bel & Poppy is now released!


It's a little rough around the edges, but I'm pretty damn proud of it. Let me know what you think!

Polished up the shooting system with a new projectile sprite, a muzzle flash animation and a particle system for impacts.

Today's DevLog: itch.io/t/272104/bel-poppy#pos

Working on an entry for AGBICjam 2018, based on this sweet Famicase design by Kristian Spears:


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