GameDev on Rust is still pretty up in the air (unless you're rolling your own, just using it as a safer C that talks to C libs) but this is a pretty good outline of the major options for rendering right now (and which are active):

Path-traced Quake 2 using the NVIDIA Vulkan ray tracing extension:
It's using this paper for temporal filtering:

Handed in my masters thesis yesterday. Finally have some time to pursue private projects over the next months :) maybe learn Rust or implement a path tracer with DXR. Open for suggestions!

@aras ist there a technical white paper on the burst compiler that I could cute in my master thesis? So I only found the recorded talk but thats not enough for scientific stuff :/

Very cool tech though ;)

My project of the last few months is almost done:

SPEAR - A C++/SPIR-V framework with only spirv.hpp as dependency! Check it out at the next Khronos MeetUp in Munich

If Oculus Mobile Sdk VrCubeWorld_NativeActivity.c was a Nicolas Cage movie.

also what does "When the set is disturbed or push descriptors with a different descriptor set layout are set, all push descriptors become invalid" mean? i hope that the pushed descriptors are still valid after i change the pipeline layout for a new shader, otherwise this extension would be pointless, forcing me to record a different shader to a different commandbuffer.

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Does someone know the cost of vkCmdPushDescriptorSetKHR compared to vkUpdateDescriptorSets for large number of sets? pusihing descriptors seems far less implementation effort (no need for pool allocations, state tracking etc) and the description says "in some cases can be more efficient than writing descriptors into descriptor sets."

steam keys from the current humblebundle that i dont need:

3) 4A0F5-YX9AB-MLIX6
5) 3INXB-C8L6H-2F7EW
6) 2W25D-A86IX-9AG54

please leave a comment if you activated a key so others know which ones are taken.

Have Fun!
greetings from munich :)

A curated list of awesome C/C++ performance optimization resources: talks, articles, books, libraries, tools, sites, blogs.

The most frustrating programming experience is when Past Me wrote the wrong abstraction for something and now I have to fix it.

Past Me is an asshole.

@aras sometimes when i login using two factor auth the language of the auth code form changes to something random like russian or asian. did anybody else notice that?

Realtime Global Illumination, somehow there's something new ever year, but 2017 is quite interesting. First Deep Illumination, now we got a new analytical approach:

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