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Continuing my latest blog series: learn about a second way to interpret normal vectors and their transformation properties!

This doesn't mean much since there is very little chance for the House to vote for it, or Trump to sign it. But it's nice to see anyway.

This sounds like a great course, and something like it should be part of every undergrad CS program (ideally woven into other CS courses as well).

My college SwEng course was in the top 3 most useful-in-practice classes I took. (Others being architecture & compilers.)

yoᵤ'ᵣₑ ᵢₙ ₘy ₛₚoₜ

Happy evening! Enjoy the nice weather!

Spring in the PacNW is like:
"Oh it's nice today, I don't need my hoodie"
*2 minutes later*
"Oh I should've brought my hoodie"
"Oh it's gray today, I don't need my sunglasses"
*2 minutes later*
"Oh I should've brought my sunglasses"

Q: When you're editing a piece of writing, where does the deleted text go?
A: The grafyard.

Dinner at Chez Reed tonight: white wine herb marinated chicken; pasta with grilled red pepper, asparagus, and alfredo 😋

A cool example of human evolutionary adaptation: the Bajau people of SE Asia apparently acquired a gene mutation for a larger spleen, enabling them to hold their breath longer and dive deeper.

Happy ! Hope y'all have a restful weekend! 😸

FTW = for the win
FWT = friends with tails
TFW = that feeling when
TWF = that was funny
WFT = wild for tea
WTF = what the fuck

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This sounds like an interesting way of threading the needle. I obviously don't love the idea of ads showing up in my browser, but keeping the personalization private and client-side is maybe a non-terrible way to do it.

Adulthood is:
• Buying the smallest package of arugula you can find, which is still like a cubic foot of arugula
• Using approximately 2% of it before it starts to liquefy
• Throwing it out
• Repeating this process until you die

Some interesting thoughts on how AI computer vision systems might one day be used to anonymize / obfuscate video in real time, with downstream systems processing sparse metadata rather than raw video.

Great introduction to color theory—required reading for graphics programmers :)

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I'm looking for contracting opportunities, and would like to know if the fediverse has any.

My skills: I am familiar with GTK, the Web, Python, Git, free software in general, and much more. I have a BSc, Computer Science. enjoy efficiently computing answers to problems, as well as designing UIs that are instantly familiar to your users. And if pressed I can do *some* graphic design (e.g. my avatar here/Odysseus's app icon).

Please DM me if interested.

And please boost this toot!