The COVID-19 bill is released and hidden in it are two *enormous* copyright provisions; the Tillis bill that creates a jail felony for streaming infringements, and the "CASE act" that creates a totally new low-friction DMCA-takedown-like court that can levy five-digit fines for…well, pretty much anything, without the checks on abuse a normal court has or (to my read) adequate notice to targets they were even sued.

These have real potential to harm average Internet users.

We all happened to be in town, even Him, so we meet up. Have some drinks, some laughs, and some tears too.
Then Tom asks "What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?"
And we all think, and tell our stories, and laugh.
Except Him, He looks embarrassed.
"God," Tom says, "is it us?"
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Meet the computer scientist and activist who got Big Tech to stand down

Joy Buolamwini’s research helped persuade Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft to put a hold on facial recognition technology. Through her nonprofit Algorithmic Justice League, she’s now battling AI bias in other realms.

I think Google should save everyone a lot of time and effort and jump straight to discontinuing new services:

"We are proud to announce that Google Kitchen Tools will no longer be available on Sep 1st 2020, nor has it ever been available. Should you wish to export your Google Kitchen Tools data, you should be aware that there is no data, as Google Kitchen Tools has never existed.

The Google Kitchen Tools Team"

She heard a gunshot. The more ears you have, the more precisely you can pinpoint the source of a sound.
She had it down to a 3 centimeter diameter sphere, but was less precise when she filed the report. Apartment number was close enough, in Alexa's experience.
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Many said he was not a great sorcerer. He could not raise the dead, or forge magic weapons, or make love potions.
He made small things. Winged glasses that came when you whistled. Tea mugs that reminded you to drink. Books that softly lit their pages.
Many said he was the best.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Alright friends I'm gonna tell you about the viola (one of two instruments I play). This is it.

walking around chaz is just astonishing. people cooking for each other everywhere, collaborating on art. I saw a fistfight get de-escalated by a crowd in just a minute. But the most remarkable thing is just eavesdropping on conversations — hearing ideas that weren’t in the “Overton window” a few weeks ago discussed openly, freely, fearlessly

Folks who are joining us today might want to take a look here for just a few examples of the ways in which software perpetuates racism that are already known.

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... and on the empty marble plinth letters there were written in gold that said thus: Whoso pulleth this statue from this stone, they are rightwise rulers of Britain.

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Hey y'all the Hot Gamers Collective
…is gonna be doing a charity stream saturday, June 6 raising money for a bundle of 70+ bail funds and racial justice orgs.

I'm gonna be commentating on a Zelda: Link to the Past randomizer romhack race at 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific.

Donate tomorrow to any of these
or this Actblue bundle
and email your receipt to and it will be counted in the event total.


For "pride month" Tor's book of the month club is giving away an ebook of 4 queer-themed sci fi novellas by:

Katharine Duckett
Seanan McGuire
Lina Rather
Kai Ashante Wilson

You can download anytime up until June 5.

You want to read the Kai Ashante Wilson one. Please read Kai Ashante Wilson.

The Inkscape team kindly agreed to answer a bunch of my questions that you probably also want to know answers to: if the team still markets it as an SVG editor (yes and no), what their outlook for the development of the SVG specification is (seems cautious), whether they have plans for GUI work and future use of GPU (they do), whether they still plan paid development (undecided), and more.

Fractal landscape - Mandelbrot as a height map.

Made by importing a Mandelbrot image as a height map and rendered in Avoyd's voxel editor.

Using technology, it is possible to create graphics more powerful than we would have been able to create before technology. #AndiBlend

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Filthy Taffy 

It's a nootropic from the dark 'net called Filthy Taffy. Chick was givin' a keynote speech about pharmacies staffed by animatronic golden retrievers, suddenly she was invitin' everyone to "beta test" her new church that worships prime numbers.

The doorbell rang. A large stone, twice my height, stood just outside.
"Not through the house," I said. "Go around the side."
I didn't see it move. You never do. But when I checked the garden it was there, in a circle with the others.
The next morning they were all gone again.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

me: i wonder what would happen if i trained the neural net gpt-2 on christmas carols?

me: ...

me: oh NO

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