WaPo opinion by Helaine Olen taking no prisoners wrt Facebook: “astonishing cluelessness and moral rot in the company’s top executive leadership” 🔥🔥🔥 washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-

The next version of HTTP won’t be using TCP — HTTP is switching to a protocol layered on top of UDP arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/1

This is really shocking. I knew we were destroying habitats and endangering wildlife, but was under the impression it was a relatively incremental thing on a global scale, only really harming certain regions / a minority of species. Not so. theguardian.com/environment/20

This interview with Amandine Coget (@LiaSae on twitter) is great and touches on many important topics rarely talked about: onboarding, usability, grokking large codebases, backwards compat etc. Good stuff. isetta.io/interviews/AmandineC

"I can't help you," the witch said, "I can only mend what is broken."
"Am I not broken?"
"Your soul is hale, your body is hale. They just don't fit together. It happens."
"Is there nothing you can do?"
"Find someone else with the same complaint, and I'll swap your souls."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Fascinating thread from Twitter-land about the wrecks of the Roman emperor Caligula's massive pleasure barges. twitter.com/PaulMMCooper/statu

Fascinating thread from Twitter-land about the wrecks of the Roman emperor Caligula's massive pleasure barges. twitter.com/PaulMMCooper/statu

Hey, so I gave a talk at Queerness and Games Conf this weekend on making your own programming language, and it's up on the #QGCon Twitch page!

The talk went over the power dynamics of making your own language, why small-scale languages can be useful in game dev, and there's a demo of making a simple language interpreter (embedded in a JavaScript game).

You can see the slides and the code from the demo here: mcclure.github.io/qgcon-2018/

You can watch the talk here:

This Sunday 1:15 EST at Queerness and Games Conference 2018 I'm going to be giving a talk! It will be called "Making a Programming Language is Surprisingly Easy and Fun" and I will demo creating a scripting language from scratch and adding it to show how easy it can be. There will be streaming but I'm not sure what the URL is yet. qgcon.com/qgcon-2018/talks/mak

New blog post: Mesh Shader Possibilities! reedbeta.com/blog/mesh-shader- Or why graphics programmers have been yelling about mesh shaders over the last couple weeks.

I did a talk on Entity Component Systems & Data Oriented Design for junior/future engineers here at Unity (not Unity specific at all). Slides: aras-p.info/texts/files/2018Ac and toy project (C++) for it: github.com/aras-p/dod-playgrou

Repost from birdsite: NVIDIA Turing arch whitepaper [pdf] nvidia.com/content/dam/en-zz/S

I am intrigued! Besides the headliner RTX and tensor-core stuff, there's a bunch of smaller features:
• Mesh shading
• Variable shading rate
• Texture-space shading
• Multi-view rendering
Details are still sparse; looking forward to seeing more.

I was filling in my lottery ticket when a note suddenly appeared, with numbers and "play these", in my handwriting. I played those.
I didn't win. The numbers I had picked first, but didn't play, did.
Another note appeared: "sorry, but the wealth ruined you/me"
Then both faded.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@aparrish are you aware of He-gassen


It's an edo period art scroll (a medieval cartoon strip?) about an epic battle of farts, depicting, among other things, a man breaking wind so hard he sends a cat flying

Neat: “New results suggest that [cellular] plasticity may go even deeper than scientists have thought. Three research teams have observed that during tissue regeneration, the typical solutions offered by adult stem cells (and the de-differentiated cells resembling them) aren’t enough. Instead, the cells of the damaged tissue turn the clock back all the way to a more fetal state, tapping into the proliferative power that once characterized development.” quantamagazine.org/in-paligeno

I have been programming since like 1985 and I just realized this minute that a "corner case" is, like, where an edge case hits another edge case and gets even weirder. I've been using "edge case" and "corner case" as synonyms without ever thinking about it.

"Human cultures vary a lot," the human ambassador said, "but we all agree there are things that should not go on pizza..."

The alien looked up. "But it fnaggles my splanch so nicely."

"And one of those things is people."

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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