In this new series, we’re highlighting a new feature in the latest #Inkscape version every week!

#2 Did You know that you can hide tools and resize the toolbox in #Inkscape 1.2?


For the last few days I have been working on the final look of the world map and (sometimes) funny texts that describe the levels. Hope you like it! 🥰

You want more? Check this ->

Beware! The mighty Boss is coming!
I added too much sugar I guess ... 😸
Do you want to meet the boss too? Add our game to your wish list ➡️ 🎮

This time I stood behind my own back, I made a movie about me making a movie 😅
New DevUpdate from TailQuest coming soon :)

Sometimes people say to me "oh, I can't be a graphic artist, I can't draw at all!" I always say to them - "dude, that's not a problem, look at me!" 😅💜

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