This time I stood behind my own back, I made a movie about me making a movie 😅
New DevUpdate from TailQuest coming soon :)

Sometimes people say to me "oh, I can't be a graphic artist, I can't draw at all!" I always say to them - "dude, that's not a problem, look at me!" 😅💜

We have two currencies in the : gold and time!When you buy seed at the Factory, you pay 75 gold and a few seconds of time.

Someone asked us why it takes so long? 🥺

...Because the mechanical paw has to catch the white seed and then color it 😂

hi, happy ! 🤩
Do you know what this is? This is the easiest solution. 🤓 The previous model of the ship was too big 😅 and obscured some very important and very secret places on the level :) The new, "skinny" model is better and prettier!

Regarding the feedback from our demo - we've made huge changes in our pie menu :)
There is an wiki under the "info" icon, but I will show it next time :)

One of the feedback from the Steam Next Fest demo was the one about the progress bar ("this green progress bar scares me" :P ).We knew it wasn't good, but before that we just didn't have the motivation to fix it.

I think it looks better now :)

I'm not a professional sound designer... or even a beginner. But I am doing what I can and I thought today that I will show you how I do it! In TailQuest, all are made thanks to my collection of instruments and audacity ...and a lot of patience :)

today I made new cute animations for Nelly... I just love her huge fluffy ears 😻💜
(it was important that the animation didn't touch anything except the head and paws, so nothing else moves :) )

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