From the first concepts to the current state. As you can see the beginnings were painful 🙂

New Red flower tower...power :D
I still have a problem with the game name .... how do you like "Tale of Tails"?

Oh my! It's time to catch up a little with development of : Defense :)
So here it's! New tower model, straight from the oven! :)

More than 2k hours of blending via steam! Wondering how many it would be if I would use blender via steam from the beginning... :)

#dragoncember #art #mastoart
Mmk so i'm gonna be using Dragoncember as an excuse to use my new Surface daily to try and get used to it! So these mmmmight not be up to my usual quality, but hey, i'm gonna try

Day1 was 'Seasonal Dragon' so I tried to portray that as a dragon that grows boughs on its back that reflect the seasons, the most current one always starting on the head and 'growing' from there in a ripple. For the body shape I just winged it, and it came out... interesting to say the least.

had no idea what to do for a bg so plain gradient it is XD and no lineart cause it was crap and clashed w the boughs on the dragon.

Hello dear followers! Do you like timelapses? I hope so, since I have one! It's material-creation time lapse for FurryDefenders game :)

One of the animations from Furry Defenders.
Seems most animations for couple first towers are ready now :)
It has been a looong week :D

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