@lritter aaand now i've fallen down the online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences 😅

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@lritter in my naivete, I came across a site delving deep into the rabbit hole of triangle centres - possibly a lot of old news for you, but I thought you might find something interesting here, from a (albeit 2D) polygon point of view :)

Street Fighter, but after a while, back problems and stiff knees...🤔

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Come to think of it, there are very few games (other than maybe Civ-type?) that actually have real time progression across years, and none I can think of offhand that has the protagonist aging in any meaningful way. Imagine Assassin's creed but after a few years he can't climb buildings or fight, and has to come up with less physical ways to dispatch foes...🤔, Or train younger people to kill for him

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Watching the rather jarring, staccato, quantised world-shadow-movement in State of Play 2, reminds me how well (or at least far less immersion-breaking) other games manage this, many of which are significantly older

...or the Fibonacci tower recording room. Imagine modelling the acoustics of that thing🤪

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mathstodon.xyz/@esoterica/1085 not only an interesting Fibonacci jigsaw, but check out the site for more wonders like the Fibonacci origami turbine patent granted this January 👍🤔👍

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2015 UK general election constituency map, using hexagons for equal-sized constituencies

credit: Ch1902, commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.

Wait, are actually pronouncing project Cambria as "caym-bree-a", as in Cambridge Analytica?!
They certainly seem to be in their reveal video. I thought it should be "kam-bree-a"

Microsoft: "Good News, everyone! - new European cities update is out! , Five thousand floppies on the way to each customer!" "See you in Paris in just13.8 days!"

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Imagine if 120Gb flight simulator still came on 1.44Mb floppies....
What would be the postage costs for 83 thousand floppies...(or the storage space for ten stacks of disks, each 27 metres high...
Installing at one disk every 4mins (optimistic) would take 230 days, working 24/7 🤔🤔🤔

Me, playing , and thinking about all those who thought the Dark Souls series was tough😅

Lidar of Hyde Park, London - a palimpsest of pathways...

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"Backslash" hmm, more like forward slash if you write it by hand,

Also (wiki): earliest known reference is a 1937 manual from the Teletype Corporation ... The symbol was called the "diagonal key", and given a (non-standard) Morse code of ▄ ▄▄▄ ▄ ▄ ▄▄▄ .

(This is the code for the slash symbol, entered backwards.) 😆

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