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What's your tool/method of choice for generating .NET bindings?

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Working with on a new editor incarnation. If you like working on projects - consider joining the dark side (of development). We have 🍪🍪🍪

users - rejoice! I came up with a (pretty limited but already useful) script for GDB which implements Visual Studio's
's Natvis format.

Progress. C# fields for subclasses of Serializable are automatically exposed to editor and included in serialization. <-- All the work happens here.

Less than a week until Marie & I's first game launches for Windows & Mac!

Washed Up hits the spatial tidying and shape arranging part of the brain, the blockothamlus:

Boosts appreciated!

Fix unix CI - windows CI breaks.
Fix windows CI - Unix CI breaks.
goto start;

Mixing cmake, msbuild and nuget on 3 platforms is real fun. Glad that part is finally over.

1TB SSD installed. Me 98% space-in-use woes are in the past. 🎉🎊 On a side note: while reshuffling my disks I found out that one does not simply convert C: disk to spanned on existing install. Windows is "super-flexible". Will just fuse two SSDs to a single volume on Linux via lvm and install Windows to that. Won't be able to boot it on bare metal but VM is all I need anyway. ⚛️🚀

MSVC 2015 Update 2 introduced /WHOLEARCHIVE linker flag. We can finally build a monolithic dll that exports symbols of it's static library dependencies all without (major) hacks! 🎉

Minimal patch for extracting root motion from an animation (should anyone look for inspiration).

Me 4 months ago: C# is pain in the arse, C++ all the way!

Me today: I'm porting my C++ scene editor to C#!

Will C# development in Visual Studio (not Code) be ever supported in ?

Quick poll: how do you answer the salary question during an interview: "how much are you looking to make?"

A) An actual number representing the average salary for the position and location
B) 10% higher than A
C) "I'm looking for competitive pay for the position and the area"
D) Other

Given anchoring and the long term financial impact I'm leaning toward B, but I've seen a surprising amount of recommendations for C. I'm assuming B isn't detrimental when talking to reasonable employers.

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