Ooof I'm watching Stargate - ark of truth and the direction is just horrendous

All right, plates are moving and I also implemented exporting to gif, cuz why not

Heh I've gone over the acceleration structure and optimised it a bit by hand and gained 7x performance :D

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Okay rendering 80k polygons in real time is pretty slow but I only need to do it once from time to time so that should be fine

oh yeah babyy a mapping from sphere to plane in the shader let's go!

Welp it might not be the fastest (~10s? for 1M) but spherical voronoi works on the sphere finally :D

Probably just preallocating memory for it properly might help a bunch already. Some other day.

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Well I got voronoi working now.
It takes 4 times as long as the fastest available online, so there's probably things that I could fix, but I'm gonna leave it as good enough, try to use it, and at some point try to do the 3D version

That one's gonna be especially painful, I expect.

Protonmail changed their policy and now you can have catch-all for all custom domains without paying extra, and I'm very happy about it? It's not like I need it a lot but it's appreciated to have

I realised now, seeing whatever about legible text, that it might be ADHD's fault my requirements on code spacing

I started with a 2d version because I thought it might be better to get started easy and it's been such a pain in the ass I don't know if I can do the 3D one, we'll see. But just having this working now is nice, very nice.

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Okay well that was A PAIN and it took extremely too long time to get working, but I finally got the implementation for the Delaunay triangulation working. Why, do you ask? Well, because I want one for 3D and the available implementations are gpl and I don't like gpl.

Specially for a big company located in a completely different country.

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Gotta love it when you ask a recruiter for a salary range and they tell "It depends on experience but we are very flexible, what is your expectation?" instead of just giving you an actual range of values.

TFW you are fascinated by the ability of someone you are talking with for adding "like" around 3 times per sentence. No hyperbole.

They have been teaching too much java to these kids, what a waste

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