@eyeofthetemple@twitter.com Here it is with much higher exposure which is closer to what it feels like in VR.

Managed to capture this rather dark and moody shot of a new area in @eyeofthetemple@twitter.com. You might have to view it fullscreen to see it properly, but in VR that's not an issue.

So extruded shapes in blender gets UV-mapped in a completely non-uniform way, and I had to write a Unity import PostProcessor in order to fix them up.
Image shows result: Uniform UVs despite highly varying segment lengths.

I don't really want to do that; I really don't like workflows that are not nondestructive. It's one reason I sometimes end up just generating meshes programmatically inside Unity instead, or modify Blender's output programmatically on import into Unity.

I like Blender, but it's so often I run into problems like this where the only solution is to make a copy of my object and apply 50 manual steps to it, which I'd have to do all over whenever I want to tweak the model. blender.stackexchange.com/ques

Appreciating the discussion around how to deal with the critical issue of sexual abuse in ways optimized towards healing and rehabilitation over public mass-condemnation and cutting of ties. Heal those who are hurting. Help those who are trying to redeem and better themselves.

US companies tell Apple and Amazon to put the planet before profits.

I hope Unity’s board will also decide to make Unity a B-Corp and/or a Benefit Corporation (not to be confused with non-profits).

Work on Lifetime by Emitter Speed module for particles is now done ™ and will ship with Unity 2020.1.

Work on Freeform Stretching for particles is now done ™ and will ship with Unity 2020.1.

OF COURSE Twitter decided to use the second out of three links for the preview here, making it entirely confusing.

This is the site you want to check out: hg.sr.ht/

That's what I looked at so far! If you have experience with any of these, reply with your thoughts! Suggestions for other hosts also welcome, though do let's keep it focused on ones that fit the criteria set forth in the first tweet.

fogbugz.com/version-control @kiln@twitter.com
If you have patience for the page to load, you won't find info on number of projects or user accounts, or amount of storage space included. Last tweet from 2016.

repositoryhosting.com/ @rephosting@twitter.com
If you can get past the web design of the site, the deal seems fine. Last blog post and tweet from 2014 though.

sourcerepo.com/ @jclarke@twitter.com
Deal seems fine but no one seems to have talked about this site for years.

a2hosting.com/mercurial-hostin @a2hosting@twitter.com
Lots of info on what you'll get with A2 Mercurial hosting, none of which is related to Mercurial. You can choose your version of PHP! It's definitely not a template page that just has the word "Mercurial" inserted.

hg.sr.ht/ (@sir)
Is the itch.io of version control hosting? It's in alpha & has minimal information, but it's "almost pay what you want" and many people seem to like it. There's also a cool page like this:

codebasehq.com/pricing @codebase@twitter.com
Slick site with clear information. Latest blog post is a year old, and the developers seem focused on a new service, deployhq.com, but they confirmed Codebase is alive and kicking and welcomes all Mercurial users.

Mercurial hosting first impressions thread!
Bitbucket is dropping Mercurial support - what hosting to use instead?

I'm only considering options that are open to all projects (not only open-source) and offers mercurial support out of the box. Impressions are based on websites.

Trump got sufficiently offended by people laughing at his proposal to buy Greenland that he canceled his visit to Denmark. Success!

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