Okay, after a lot of tweaking it was down to these two designs which I by now both like a lot. I like the centered one best in fullscreen, but the one with the logo to the right works better at smaller sizes, I think.

Oops, I accidentally used an outdated version of C. Here it's corrected to the newest one.

Having the logo to the side was the first thing I attempted, but I couldn't get it to work out back then. Gave it another try now. Maybe this works?

@tomgvalve@twitter.com I could only find this Pinterest (shudder) page, which gives an idea of what I mean, but I assume it's just someone's manually collected list, and it only has one type of capsule.

Anyone know if there's somewhere one can see capsule images (and the other Steam graphical asset types partner.steamgames.com/doc/sto) for lots of Steam games at once? Or see all the (standard) graphical assets for one Steam game? @tomgvalve@twitter.com

I'm fairly happy with the vertical cover art now, but rearranging it to work horizontally is even harder than I expected. Trying something "symmetric" out here with one tool on each side of the logo. Quite unsure about logo outline.

@gris_game@twitter.com Don't get me wrong - it's no skill-based game and it's primarily traversal (by different means) apart from a few puzzles here and there. But the variety of gameplay elements and environments exceeded my expectations.

@gris_game@twitter.com What I didn't expect, given how slow the game is in the beginning, and how little there is to do initially apart from walking, is how many abilities the game gives you eventually, and how well it combines them towards the end.

@gris_game@twitter.com It's not the absence of enemies, but rather the fact that you can't create a mental map of its large, confusing world to deliberately go where you need to go next. Rather, the game guides you, blocking off old areas and opening new ones, creating an ultimately linear experience.

Finished playing @gris_game@twitter.com. It's theme of grief didn't do much for me but it's incredible beautiful all the same. It was somewhat longer and more involved than I had expected. It wears the clothes of a metroidvania - revisiting old areas with new abilities - but isn't really.

I've been working on a potential cover image for @eyeofthetemple@twitter.com . This was a very different process from creating regular screenshots, very new to me. How does this look?

Ah, setting Game view res higher than screen res and then not using supersize > 1 in CaptureScreenshot does seem to work fine. Only > 1 resets camera matrix.

Is there any method which reliably captures what's shown in the game view, even when rendering with multiple cameras with custom projection matrices? I'd use OS screenshotting at this point, except I need resolutions higher than I can show on my screen...

Hmm, it seems Unity's CaptureScreenshot method resets camera projection, so can't be used for tilt shift (the projection, not the blur effect). And none of the screenshot code snippets I've seen which render into render textures seem to work when rendering with multiple cameras.

We had no idea that the co-op mode was not an equal to the adventure mode, but I think it should be seen as an extra bonus some might enjoy, and by no means the main reason to buy the game. Luckily, we enjoy just playing single player together, taking turns. :)

@PikuNikuGame@twitter.com The adventure mode has a quirky story and characters, non-linear level design with lots of secret passages and side quests and challenges. The co-op mode has none of that. It relies solely on its core mechanics which are just normal platforming mechanics but more fiddly.

We had a jolly good time playing @PikuNikuGame@twitter.com ! The first thing we tried was the co-op mode and by golly it left such a bland impression that we were almost ready to give up on the game altogether. But the adventure mode is completely different - this is where the game shines!

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