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I added a feature to the whip in @eyeofthetemple@twitter.com so it can get ... dirty. A good adventurer makes sure their whip doesn't get ... dirty.

And that's why you should never have trained AI handle *any* sensitive data or decisions that has an impact on people's lives and fates.

RT @runevision@twitter.com @ShannonVallor@twitter.com If you had children of various ages solve the same set of tests (older kids generally performing better) and fed the results and ages to an AI, it likely would make use of the age correlation and *create* a bias for age. AI can recreate existing bias *and* create new bias.

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Thanks for all the replies! Shaded it is! New logo rolled out on the website and Steam. eyeofthetemple.com

I'm currently attempting to make the logo for @eyeofthetemple@twitter.com more compact. Before/After.

LOL mistakenly quote tweeted instead of replying. Sorry followers, you're now dragged into a discussion of the historical context of a small detail in the logo of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Interestingly, that feature of the logo only appears in some versions of the cover (looking at the Genesis game here which I believe was the original). Maybe in versions of the cover where the spin dash for the sequel was already in development? mobygames.com/game/genesis/son

RT @willgoldstone@twitter.com @runevision@twitter.com @sonic_hedgehog@twitter.com Suspicious indeed. Regardless it’s used on the first box...

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If your art doesn't turn out right, don't give up; keep at it. With practice you'll get it right eventually.

It's not officially announced just yet, but if you're sneaky you can get the Unity 2018.3 beta already now and get your hands on nested Prefabs and all the other new stuff!

Displaying names of new areas as you find them - engaging or just immersion-breaking? I'm trying it out in @eyeofthetemple@twitter.com because I like it in many other games, but I don't yet know if it works well in too.

I wonder how this is painted. Let's say you start with black background end then paint blue and red motive one after the other. The latter would block the former, since paint is not additive like light is. Something more sophisticated then.
RT @RaminNasibov@twitter.com Double exposure 3D graffiti by insane51

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Hi . I'm Rune, part time developer at @unity3d@twitter.com (currently finalizing nested Prefabs) and part time indie developer (design/code/art). I worked a decade on @TheClusterGame@twitter.com before scrapping it; the last few years on VR game @eyeofthetemple@twitter.com with much better momentum.

"But I want to use the whip for everything!" Don't worry, I've got you covered.

Still working on menu. Now it folds up when opened and is manipulated with "touch" of the tip of the torch.

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