These games all make use of forced perspective, and rely on observing their scenes from very exact vantage points. This breaks down if you can move your head - or indeed if you observe the scene with two eyes, where at most one eye can be at the right position.

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Five games with forced perspective-based core mechanics that are fundamentally incompatible with VR (stereoscopic 3D):
- Superliminal
- The Witness
- Gorogoa
- Monument Valley

I feel like tvtropes does not acknowledge the trope of tar-like physical corruption (often with a purple/red/green tinge) that hurts on the touch, covering parts of landscapes/surfaces in SO many games.

Created an account just to express my bewilderment.

Blink, and you too might find yourself suddenly having been acquired by Microsoft, which seems to be on a quest to own all of gaming.

A bold move I liked was to show this two minutes long video (skippable though) every time the game is booted up, which is not story or lore but just 100% vibes of flying through the landscape and kissing, in a semi-abstract art style.

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I'm glad we eventually picked up Haven! The combat is not a huge element, the other gameplay is chill/satisfying (if not hugely varied), but the standout feature is "play a relatable couple in an intimate relationship, treated with maturity and humor".

Okay, I got inspired to do a new redesign of my website.

Check it out and let me know what you think, or if you're seeing any issues:


Evolution of the design of my personal website over the past 20 years. I'd completely forgotten that first one.


Now, I no longer have any conception of what a personal website can look like that has a very personal look yet also doesn't look dated. All examples of supposed great website design look like they use the same templates and have virtually no distinguishing features.

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Websites used to be more fun and ooze way more personality. Granted, even the best of old website designs I remember do all look dated now, but I think that's more due to having been conditioned to expect minimalism through mass exposure than due to any inherent inferiority.

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Evolution of the design of my personal website over the past 20 years. I'd completely forgotten that first one. Accessibility also includes the purchasing process. When you don't let people change language independently from country/market in Microsoft Store, that prevents access for people who don't speak that language.

Show thread if there is a way to buy your game (for PC) that doesn't require going through that mess of a store, please let me know! I'd really like to buy and play The Gunk, as it looks like something I'd enjoy.

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And as much as they call it a "preference" it's not a valid option to choose a market different from the country my credit card is associated with, because they fix the credit card address country field to the chosen market.

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Sigh, I just want to buy' The Gunk, but won't let me choose a language different from the country I'm in, and I can't complete the purchase process in a language I don't understand. Just terrible accessibility.

Of the 100 best grossing VR-exclusive games on Steam in 2021, only 19 were released in 2021 - and 0 of the 12 games in the Platinum category.

(No, Eye of the Temple is not in the top 100 by the way)

It might seem a superficial things to highlight, but in retrospect I really appreciate that there was no goofy sidekick. Not to say that there was no goofiness and humor, they just found more integrated ways to incorporate it.

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Disney’s Encanto is good! It’s the first movie by Disney Animation Studios that could have been just about passed off as a Pixar movie to me.

It’s time for the yearly reminder that if someone gives you their ❤️heart, you can:
- Keep it
- Give it back
- Break it (if you have to)

But you can NOT give it away to someone else! Like, WTF do you even understand the grotesque consequences!!? DON’T DO IT!

Correction, the image has a typo where I wrote "jock" but it should have said "hock".

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Who on Earth rigs detailed animal meshes without having had even the most cursory glance at an animal skeletal anatomy reference?

The author of this five star Asset Store animal pack apparently.

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