Is there a good space to get help/advice for writing-but-not-writing for a very story-light game? Where it's not so much about "which words" but more about which ideas and how to communicate them non-verbally to the player?

New EU rules might put a dampener on crunch culture. It's hard to predict how much this will affect, but it's a step in the right direction.

Cross buy is a strategy Facebook is using to try to make people fear missing out if they buy their VR games through Steam (or elsewhere) instead of through the Oculus store. I fully support developers not wanting to aid with that.

RT We decided not to do cross buy for the base game because of the two reasons: first of all, it is a new platform and porting the game took a significant amount of time and resources. Second, we think it would be unfair for Oculus users who bought the game on Steam. [1/2]


The line is blurred between procedural generation and productivity tooling. The new minecart tracks in Eye of the Temple is another case of this, where I procedurally generate the bends and geometry for the track based on simple connected points.

Related: Unity's "pay to own" clause which I have not succeeded getting into the license itself but which is - as far as I'm aware - still honored. Worth knowing about.

Just a normal day under the Software as a Service paradigm.


I just got an email from that I'm no longer allowed to use the software that I'm paying for. Time to cancel my subscription I guess.

Share plz.


Observing someone playtesting your puzzle:
It's okay. It's okay. So, they're a bit stumped. They're trying the same wrong thing over and over. Puzzles are *meant* to be like that. Wait and see if they get it in a moment. Aha moment any time now. Take a deep breath. It's okay.

Question for astronomers: When we're looking for signals of intelligent life from space, are we relying on them sending stronger signals than we've been able to send ourselves so far? Or would we detect waves of the kind we produce today on Earth? At which distances?

After putting together a collection of every talk about his game designer career he's ever done, Peter Molyneux talk us through the highs and lows of 30+ years of giving talks about his game designer career.


After putting together a collection of every game he's ever made, we asked to talk us through the highs and lows of 30+ years as a game designer:


I had to get creative designing a minecart for Taking inspiration from ball bearings, I realized it's possible to have a "hinge" where there's empty air around the axis of rotation.

Here's a good nuanced article on some of these topics: I also want to thank for discussing some of these ideas with me and others.

Finally, a focus on accessibility is not very well established yet. Some people might call for an "easy mode" when they really want accessibility or vice versa. Let's be tolerant when people use words in different ways, as long as we have the same goal anyway.

When people who are not disabled say they can't beat a certain challenge, and this is met with replies like "git gud", it's a choice to not trust them that they lack ability and not just practice. Given how much ability varies, this is making a big assumption.

It's worth noting too that accessibility is not just for disabled people. The upper limit (ability) for how far an individual can develop a given skill given enough training varies from person to person among *all* people.

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