While it would be bad practice from a portfolio point of view, where the recurrent advise is to keep only the best and most representative of one's current abilities, I just think it's fun and interesting when personal websites allow digging through decades worth of projects.

I brushed up my website a bit and finally got my old 3d animations (that I made from I was 16 to 24) converted to mp4 so they can be embedded on the page. Many of them are short and looping and it seems that works now, on desktop at least, hurray!

I've been working on a new trailer again and I still wish such a forum or channel existed. Getting feedback from fellow lay people is valuable, but I've no idea where to get more technical feedback from people who have experience with making trailers.

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@kertgartner@twitter.com Hi Kert! Is there a forum or similar where a newbies to trailer production can get constructive feedback on works in progress?

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Imagine if Skyrim had had a task to put a bucket on the head of NPCs so they can't see you stealing, The Sims had explicitly asked you to construct traps for your sims, or LA Noire VR tasked you with fooling around all the time. The joy of mischief would have fell flat. Oh well.

I had expected UGG to be a game with some meaningful (if trivial) goal, and offering plenty of opportunities for mischief along the way, or maybe require it as a means of achieving the goal. But it wasn't that game (so far anyway), it was a checklist of mischief instead.

So far, UGG hasn't done much for me, but I think it's for a different reason. Many games offers opportunities for mischief and trolling against NPCs, but have it be an optional thing, and thus a player decision. In UGG it's the goal, and thus it's just following instructions.

This is a through-provoking take on Untitled Goose Game. (I'm personally not much for the trend calling the tiniest of non-physical things for violence, but the idea comes through regardless.)

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here's a honk take: rebind.io/ask-not-for-whom-the

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In games that have audio cues signalling that something happened (like the cue in Zelda in this video), would that fall under Music, Effects, or something else in the audio volume menu? Some games have a UI category, but that doesn't seem exactly right. youtube.com/watch?v=9d3qCPcMgH

Neat! I remember one could get this exact set of blocks and a set of goal shapes including this one as a wooden physical puzzle. Called a Soma cube and invented by the Danish mathematician Piet Hein. I made my own out of LEGO as a kid. :)

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@DevRelCallum@twitter.com @RawFury@twitter.com Working on @CubismVR@twitter.com : a minimal puzzle game in VR to challenge your spatial thinking.
Here's a gif of the demo I was showing on Quest at OC6, which also got reviewed on stage by Carmack!

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And sure, I'll probably miss some tweets now and then that have merit, but it's no worse than for people who are not on Twitter in the first place, and it's not like I pity them for missing out on important info, hah.

It's amazing how much more enjoyable my Twitter timeline became since I added the plural forms of "woman" and "man" as mute words one month ago. Goodbye angry generalizing hot takes about people and society; hello tweets about cool art, tech and games.

Tiring: X is Y, not Z (arguing semantics).
Inspiring: Let's examine the interplay between Y and Z of X. In which ways are they intertwined and in which ways are they not?

Side note: That I can see a triumphant slight smirk in the few pixels of that face is super impressive!

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Pixelart is a medium, not a style

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@eyeofthetemple@twitter.com Here it is with much higher exposure which is closer to what it feels like in VR.

Managed to capture this rather dark and moody shot of a new area in @eyeofthetemple@twitter.com. You might have to view it fullscreen to see it properly, but in VR that's not an issue.

So extruded shapes in blender gets UV-mapped in a completely non-uniform way, and I had to write a Unity import PostProcessor in order to fix them up.
Image shows result: Uniform UVs despite highly varying segment lengths.

I don't really want to do that; I really don't like workflows that are not nondestructive. It's one reason I sometimes end up just generating meshes programmatically inside Unity instead, or modify Blender's output programmatically on import into Unity.

I like Blender, but it's so often I run into problems like this where the only solution is to make a copy of my object and apply 50 manual steps to it, which I'd have to do all over whenever I want to tweak the model. blender.stackexchange.com/ques

Appreciating the discussion around how to deal with the critical issue of sexual abuse in ways optimized towards healing and rehabilitation over public mass-condemnation and cutting of ties. Heal those who are hurting. Help those who are trying to redeem and better themselves.

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