Perfect review of's book. The non-dividend-paying part of the stock market does very much feel like an "Emperor's New Clothes" type of situation where the issue "there's no intrinsic value there!" is so glaringly obvious but most people cling to an illusion.

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The argument why stocks that never pay dividends is a Ponzi scheme is that whatever profits the company is making never reaches the stock owners. The stock owners only get value selling at a higher price to other stock owners; profits from the company is absent from the equation.

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Reading up on investments and stocks lately, I have yet to see any evidence that non dividend-paying stocks are not a Ponzi/pyramid scheme, with the only meaningful counter-argument being that "they may pay dividends eventually". So which % of the stock market pays dividends?

I miss doing and am increasingly jealous of all the cool stuff others are doing. Making a complete manually designed game has been a good learning experience, but once this one is done my next project will definitely use more procedural generation again.

The Outpost is one of the few areas in that are not accessible by foot. It has distinct gray and green brickwork and large wooden rotating structures, forming a multi-story puzzle.

How it would need to be setup is that the app maps the real world to the virtual space, and discards all surfaces that are beyond the guardian boundary, or which are at floor level or below. Trickiest part is where the feet meet the floor; AI can likely help with cutout.

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So did some stuff here, but it requires a green screen:
But mixed reality is already possible without a green screen by using e.g. a Kinect for depth sensing, like here:
Combine the two, and it should be possible?

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Has anyone made experiments where pass-through cameras are used to show just your own body inside VR; everything else is fully virtual like normal? Essentially green-screen-less mixed reality for the headset-wearers themselves?

I can't get over this tipping point for games on Steam with 500+ reviews. It seems a bit intense maybe? :)

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Based on data from's newsletter and the net, and verifying a bit myself, I made this chart of what it appears the criteria of ratings on are. I don't think I've seen it in infographic form before?

The wall in Fiery Pass now has a pattern carved into it rather than being all flat.
I'm surprised how big a difference it makes to the feel of the space. I'm keep on learning how to make level design more visually compelling. :)

Any devs who know anything about this issue where sometimes a stripe at the edge of the screen is not affected by dynamic lights? Seen on Windows Mixed Reality and Pimax, never on Vive. I assume some shadow-map calculations are wrong but have no idea what to do.

It's concerning that there's so many search queries where the game is hidden even though it fits the criteria. It could be a caching issue, but I don't understand how it would then show up in certain lists when no price range has been specified but disappear otherwise?

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First Steps made "new and trendy" under the VR category, yay!

Curiously, in regular Steam search results it only shows up if "narrow by price" is set to "any price":


Become an adventurer in Eye of the Temple, dodging traps and solving puzzles with your torch and whip in hand, stepping from one moving platform to another, all using your own body in VR!

Wishlist on Steam:

Just encountered this dialog in - it's so good! Why is this not in too? And, like, every other application that handles links?

I was interviewed by on the Twitch channel about making Eye of the Temple, mixed reality, and other gamedev stuff. The recording is here:

I recently discovered it's possible to write a script for Google Sheets that can do mail merge but create *drafts* instead of *sending* the mails. This was hugely helpful for me. But I'm wondering what others are using?

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To people who send out press releases to lots of journalists at once etc. (Hi to pick a few): I bet there's a spreadsheet involved in the process. What, if any, is your tooling of choice to assist w. doing this efficiently (that supports personalization)?

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