60 hours in, dying too much and making no progress, with a parent-gamer schedule, hell yeah we're going to tweak the difficulty. Having a great time now 🥳🎮

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It’s also okay to install cheats/easy mode mods for single player games. This is how @duskheart@twitter.com and I are going through Elden Ring!

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Name that game for you.

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New bug testing company just dropped.

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👋 Hi everyone, we're new.

If you've ever wanted a simple but effective, light-weight game testing company based right here in Ontario, then we've got some good news for you.

Looking to fill out our 2023 calendar. Come say hi!

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I get that running Docker/VM stuff is really hot but it seems like mega overkill when all I wanna do is execute a build command in Unity.

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I've been trying out Jenkins and Gitlab Local Runners for Unity game build automation and honestly... this is so much more complex than running a Unity Build .bat file with Windows Scheduler, and I'm not really sure of the benefit? Surely I'm missing something here.

Of course you can just clone to download the whole history (thanks git) but I would also like to suggest a self-hosted @giteaio@twitter.com instance can mirror Gitlab/GitHub/etc repos as an ongoing backup.

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Oh no, this is worrying. Guess I’m spending some time checking backups tomorrow.

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"GitLab plans to automatically delete projects if they've been inactive for a year and are owned by users of its free tier."

Absolutely shocking decision from @gitlab@twitter.com, I very much hope they reconsider this twitter.com/geoffreyhuntley/st

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These map directly to game dev roles.

Soh Cah Toa - Programmer
Fus Ro Dah - Writer
Roy Gee Biv - Artist
EADGBE - Composer
Pointing out what I overlooked in this list - QA

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I had a fantasy this past week of staying at the cottage indefinitely and working on Krog (or whatever indie project I come up with).

Game dev cottage 🌲💻☀️

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Krog development is feeling really good lately, but it’s all “feel” stuff that doesn’t exactly present well in GIFs 😅 I love working on this game.

I've been seeing a ton of job postings for college professors (in games/animation, anyways), but very few (if any) are remote. I can only assume these institutions are losing all of their part-timers due to back-to-office mandates. How long until they realize this is a problem?

Can’t help but think Will would be a great Unity CEO.

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Hey all, as promised I wanted to take some time to discuss how I feel things are with lately. I’ll make a thread of thoughts-as always, if you disagree with something- I’m not gonna try to win you over, your opinion is yours and valid based on your experiences. 🧵

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Ok ok one pic to share, behold the Loco Queen, drawn by Rayden Deneault. Can you guess it’s weak spot?

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I’m definitely close to just hand writing a simple blog website. At least I know an update to some platform or framework or browser standard or whatever couldn’t break it.

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I also wasted a bunch of time trying to set up a Gitlab powered blog with Hugo (doesn’t work) and Hexo (works). Dunno why these are so convoluted compared to just writing HTML/CSS manually, though. Not sure what to do re: dev log but I would definitely prefer to host it myself…

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