Every now and then I get comments from readers like "wow this is so good I can't believe it's not more popular, you deserve a bigger audience" and I super appreciate it because that's a kind thing to say, but it's really hard not to come back with THEN SHARE IT /PLEASE/

i know i say it a lot but this is really out of the creator's hands. if you think something you're into needs more eyes on it please for the love of god go link it in your discord or tweet it or get on the patreon or SOMETHING

the individual body is a lie
the individual spirit is a heuristic

The two internet genders:
those who finalize with a dot.
those who do not

Help identifying an old (Japanese?) plastic monster toy?

I played with these when I was… oh say it was 1973 or earlier, safely. You assemble the limbs into perfectly stable mixed-up monster things that can stand.


So, writing tests is definitely not the funnest activity when it comes to building a game. But, It's definitely making me write much cleaner code. I've had a lot of projects die by spaghettification.

I have been programming since like 1985 and I just realized this minute that a "corner case" is, like, where an edge case hits another edge case and gets even weirder. I've been using "edge case" and "corner case" as synonyms without ever thinking about it.

early results. the gene blend rate is turned way up for testing purposes. the food doesn't express both body pigment genes in a visibly apparent way, which is a bit misleading.

roguelikes: You're going to go into this dungeon, where all these monsters live, and just murder them.

Sure sex is great, but have you tried traversing vast expanses of desert soil, alone and on foot under the blistering rays of the Texan sun, both chasing and chasing away unbearable memories of a mutual happiness despoiled by jealousy, recriminations, and destructive behaviors rooted in your internalized inability to feel deserving of another person’s love?


@itchio devlogs now can be in some of these categories, WHICH INCLUDE TUTORIALS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I've been waiting for something like this since Bard's Lesson 😍 👌

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Yo, dawg, I hear you like triangles, so I put some triangles behind your triangles so you can break them apart to see all the triangles.

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