In these time, it's better to look at a flower than at a news site

Spent couple of nights of setting authorization with GCE cloud run only to found that cors is not supported.

or why the hell do people feed animals in reserves? there are too many signs not to do it...

I promise I'll re-read my toots before hitting a button

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Well, I've deleted my facebook account. Felling good.

When I was around 6 I often asked my grandma to take me to an airport, to watch planes landing and lifting off. At age of 7, Soviet Union had collapsed, and the city airport became almost deserted. I used to dream of flying planes.

to is like to , if you made the switch, you'd better use this awesome extension library

I've finally got on my phone. It took a long time to get native dark mode. I think I remember talking on going dark to save energy around 2008

My 7 y.o. and me followed one of Bob Ross videos. Painted with

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