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Running @aras's current C++ ToyPathTracer on my tablet (6650U/Iris540 = 23/80 Mr/s) & desktop (2500K/1070 = 30/465 Mr/s) is going on the list of why I should grab a new Ryzen later in the week.

Sanity check: the 1070 score almost perfectly predicts boost GFLOPS vs; my Iris seems to be slightly ahead (maybe as it was before thermal throttle kicked in).

So this is interesting (& expect more once full reviews are out next week) - Ryzen CPUs running games with two different 3200MHz RAM kits with enough gap to be meaningful (presumed to be due to mobo tweaks/bugs impacting latency).

I think it's brave of AMD PR/OEM partners to tell semi-informed consumers that they've got all-old Radeon 500Xs (the new 'X' meaning nothing has changed except the name) a week before they release new Ryzen 2000s that are actually revised parts with faster clocks & some architecture tweaks. 🤦

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It's nice how much knowledge is embodied into Rust's type system, with traits, associated types, PhantomData for wrappers, etc. A lot of it just happens during compilation time and no artifacts remain in the object code - it's all compile-time enforced consistency; no runtime overhead.

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Really good and easy to follow introduction to color theory:

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A true Masterpiece release at the revision this year in the 4K byte category

The default binary sizes for Rust programs is a bit of a shock from C (but also you can't just rely on the platform having the std lib installed) so here's a good checklist when size matters (some tools you may need to find Windows equivalents):

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I'll write a series of "n00b tries to pathtracer" blog posts. Mostly for laughs, and also to have something embarrassing in the future :)

Something I've not seen noted in the discussion of HDR's value as a standard pushing high-nits output: that's only a peak output for white lights. The brightest R/G/B primary light you can display is about a third of that. If you want a 500 nits red traffic light, you need a screen that can push 1500 nits.

So with the hybrid real-time ray tracing stuff, my attention is being drawn towards how it needs us to better manage level-of-detail stuff (interacting with distant rays, based on ray density we presumably calculate on top of our denoise + temporal blend system?) - idly thinking on the Twitter convos that Aras's blog post linked to.

Best DXR/RTX thing I've read so far (kinda eager to play with & see costs vs existing RT SS GI/AO [hacks] on typical hardware):

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TIL: If you have a window that can have either an OpenGL or a Vulkan context bound, and _every trace_ of that window is not completely expunged from OpenGL, creating a Vulkan swapchain for that window will fail with an utterly mysterious and undocumented VK_ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED

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Wow, those numbers make the first question, "is there a bug in the ATi detection code?" (but presumably not). Optimise primarily for nVidia+Intel if you're shipping for Rift then.

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Most people are travelling to GDC this weekend but I'll be enjoying it from afar. Today, I'm wondering if the asset fidelity arms race is actually part of sustainable growth & if it'll be mainly slowing down anyway soon?

Today has mainly involved reading details of current T(SS)AA solutions (with a side of HDR-done-right). Thanks to everyone who has written up/presented their engine's methods.

I realise it's not the first (free) documentary on the Steam video service but it's interesting to see more projects adding that to their distribution list (vs relying on YouTube/Google bandwidth). Wonder if Twitch/Amazon/(Prime?) have ambitions in this area.

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The float_cmp crate can now handle librsvg's needs:

This is awesome. We no longer have "==" comparisons of floating-point numbers, which were almost always wrong.