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AMD have finally almost caught up on efficiency thanks to 7nm RDNA (custom coolers should fix the blower noise). The upper-midrange has become far more competitive in a week (inc "Super" repricing), even if it'll probably be next year for feature parity (also when nVidia will be able to show off what they're doing with Samsung 7nm - a new fab for very large processor designs).
[But definitely nothing for me right now.]

Wondering what these deals on gaming subscription services do to F2P. I could buy a Battle Pass & enjoy a month/season of a game but often for significantly less I can rent a bag of premium games (even including DLCs/premium tiers for Ubisoft's offering) where I feel I'm always on the clock to consume until the month expires. Pushes F2P down my priority list in the evening.

Just finished Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (ready for the expansion next month) & what a wonderful tactical RPG.
While the comparison to modern Xcom combat isn't wrong, the RPG nature of the game means you'll never have RNG ruin your day but not be aware of it (no strategic layer to mask a fail state). Really helped illuminate that it's not actually the move from action points that I hate in Xcom: it's how that interacts with the rest of the game design.

Valve have clarified (and tweaked some of the rules of the sale "game"):
The "quests" now appear to be tracking a bit better.

This Steam sale is pretty much passing me by (game "quests" seem buggy at detecting so other than shoving money into it, you can't play the sale "game") but it doesn't seem great that enough people have misread "randomly selected users get gifted their top wishlist item" as "user get gifted a random wishlist item" & so are culling all the cheap/indie games from their wishlists (enough to cause a visible spike in wishlist deletions).

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At the weekend I released v1.0 of enkiTS, a permissively licensed lightweight C & C++ Task Scheduler for creating parallel programs.

Today I released v1.1 with fixes for ARM platforms.

With thanks to our supporters!

Release Notes:

My GTX1070 just hit three years old. Still stable boosting >2GHz & 9Gbps VRAM.
What a weird few years for GPU tech & prices. I normally expect year 4 is the very end of the lifespan of an upper-midrange GPU. Not even sure there is a viable upgrade path that doesn't involve ending up with fewer kidneys than I currently have. Maybe 2020 (& Intel's entry) will really shake things up (as 7nm also matures).

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I don't think every browser rendering engine used by more than a fraction of a percent of users being a child of KHTML (& most being derived from Chromium) is good for the web. So I moved to Firefox. Here are a few things I learnt while moving:

The Ubisoft studios continue to be the masters of recreating a compacted version of a bit of a city like no one else does.
Saw some interesting pattens on this fence texture when at a sharp angle to the camera (maybe not "almost perfect" yet). Also a few geom bugs with the best giving a glimpse to how tightly polys are being clipped through portals (here misaligned to the actual doorway):

Grabbing a look at The Division 2 & some stellar work on the visuals. From weather systems & time of day to small things like fading SSR into envmaps & the TAA resolve. Here's a crop from some distant chainlink where the internal renderer is only doing 85% res, almost perfect & just as clean in motion:

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Things I learned after accepting bluetooth audio:
The latency is very bad for interactivity (100-250ms).
This is probably why the PS4 does wired (to controller) audio/custom wireless headsets.
There are now optional standard extensions that fix this but good luck having both ends of the connection support it.
Hopefully Qualcomm's next gen extension (aptX Adaptive, including low latency as a standard feature) will become as ubiquitous as current aptX.

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My recent thoughts have been around worker co-ops & how the standard model puts the IP rights with the company (so cashing out your ownership share is paying to lose all rights to anything you worked on there). Seems a point of friction (workers leaving can be expensive for those who remain) that could maybe be done differently?

Decima is a really nice renderer.
Starting to get pretty excited for the next big step forward while still appreciating what's being done on the outgoing consoles (the half-step certainly helped).

Something on my endless list of things to test: we are allergic to dissolves (even beyond them not being a popular style of film cut right now). For good reason, you have to render two scenes at once.
But with modern reprojection, you can probably stop properly rendering the fade-out scene very quickly. Just repeatedly use a fast reproject pass as your main rendering time is spent on the fade-in scene (if you've got dynamic resolution, start that lower res & no one will notice).

So an interesting point about that last boost: it again shows that Rust expressivity is often enough to build with (the library is a lot of nice linguistic flexes, like how std::mem::drop is just an empty function that consumes the parameter because of Rust scope rules).

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"Unfortunately, what compilers most love in the world is to prove that something is Undefined Behaviour. Undefined Behaviour means they can apply aggressive optimizations and make everything go fast! Usually by deleting all your code."
mem::uninitialized is deprecated #rust

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