Played through FF XV & despite it booting up with the message every time that it's "a Final Fantasy for fans & first-timers", I have no real idea what it was going for (I guess I'm a series fan, not played any of them in a long time).
I wonder how many years before release the most expensive CGI cutscenes were finalised & what the plot looked like then.

Pretty sure that some of the most chopped-up looking CG was used in a 2013 TGS trailer (which contains a lot of other CG that was either surprisingly missable or was not in the final game).
Weird to see characters & some plot points in early trailers for what is very much not the game that finally shipped.


Being told that the reason the invasion CG looks so bad(ly cut together) is because they lifted it from the CG movie Kingsglaive (which I had not even heard of).

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