Does anyone know of any non-DLSS high utilisation for Tensor cores in games (shipping or even just publicly shared info on in-dev)? Denoising ray-tracing output was expected but current games filter in compute shader with real-time hybrid pipelines?
Trying to understand RTX "up to 455 TOPS" vs XSX "over 97 TOPS" (INT4 vs INT4).


Oh. >12TF FP32; >24TF FP16; 49TO INT8; 97TO INT4.
XSX presumably doesn't have a Tensor (AI/inference) block as well as a BVH acceleration (RT) block. It's just extended packed maths on the FMA cores (which is why, when you sum ops, the dedicated matrix block on a Turing GPU is so much faster).
Phone SoCs bet on AI; consoles on RT; nVidia on both; AMD RDNA2???

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